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  1. spressomon

    SOLD  Magma Marine 10-piece Ceramica Non-Stick Nesting Pot & Pan Set

    I purchased this Magma 10-piece Stainless Steel Ceramica (non-toxic per Magma) non-stick nesting pot & pan set brand new from Magma several years ago and its served me well. Well, until we went induction. So I've replaced this set with the exact same plus induction. This set I am selling will...
  2. spressomon

    Weatherproof Anderson SB50 Solar Connect

    So, on my previous trailer (TrailTailor's) I wanted the Victron solar controller mounted inside the nose box with a weatherproof connection through the sidewall of the nose box. I used a Hubbell Watertight receptacle with NEMA L6-20R (#HBL67W48BK with NEMA 30A/125V outlet) and then made a...
  3. spressomon

    SOLD  Blue Sea ACR 500 amp Automatic Charging Relay for Dual Battery Isolation and Charging

    Blue Sea ML-ACR 500 amp Automatic Charging Relay model 7622. I bought this new and used it on my former Trail Tailor trailer; worked perfectly and reliably. No switch. I used, per the back side photo, velcro to attach it to the nose box of the trailer...just in case you were wondering :D...
  4. spressomon

    SOLD  Brand New Battle Born 100Ah 12v LiFePO4 Battery. Reno, Nevada

    Current production, purchased it on 8/26/19 from Northern Arizona Wind & Solar (authorized BB reseller) then ended up not using it for my project. I opened the plastic wrap at the terminals to check voltage; brand new never mounted or connected to a load. Save yourself at least $100 compared...
  5. spressomon

    For Sale  1999 spressoWAGON UZJ100-Series Very Custom Build

    This is one of the most capable 100-Series and a unique one of a kind build! There has been 'no stone unturned' on this truck build. Currently sitting at 256k miles and runs perfectly; I would have zero issue driving it to Alaska tomorrow! This is a turn-key set-up for overloading and beyond...
  6. spressomon

    For Sale  Trail Tailor 4x4 Camping/Haul Trailer

    SOLD! Jason Reeves aka Trail Tailor aka @reevesci here on MUD and I collaborated on the design of this custom one-off trailer build. One of the big design elements that separate this trailer from my former AT Horizon trailer is it is built wider and lower with a much lower center of gravity...
  7. spressomon

    Help a guy out ...

    Ok, I sure appreciate those that have offered up what its like to own and use a 200 including the thread about the rust prone KDSS assembly, etc. Thanks to those that have taken off the rose colored glasses. I'm sorta kinda maybe at the point of thinking about my next rig. Mostly because I...
  8. spressomon

    For Sale  M14-1.5 x 50mm and 80mm Grade 12.9 Bolts

    These are brand new M14-1.50 x 50mm and M14-1.50 x 80mm Grade 12.9 black socket head cap screws typically used to attach a frame recovery bracket to 80 & 100-Series captive nuts on the frame horns. Pair (2) M14-1.50 x 50mm with zinc coated hardened washers as shown: $15 (includes USA shipping)...
  9. spressomon

    PWM compared to MPPT controllers ...

    Thought I'd make a dedicated thread for this discussion rather than bastardize a couple other pseudo related threads. Specific to our off-road application: Anyone have direct experience with durability/reliability apart of our rough and tumble (think washboard) world of boon docking: Typical...
  10. spressomon

    For Sale  1-Pair OME 868 Coil Springs

    SOLD Less than 200 miles on these OME 868 coil springs; still have the tags on the coils and includes the box. Ended up needing 864 so my loss is your gain :) $125 $75/pair Pick up in Reno/Sparks Nevada area or you pay shipping.
  11. spressomon

    Solar Cynergy experience?

    Looking at these and seem almost too good to be true (i.e. "cheap"): Solarblvd Anyone have anything good or bad to say about Solar Cynergy PV panels?
  12. spressomon

    Rocker switch surface mount box

    Searched and searched and couldn't find anything...looking for a surface mount box to contain 4 rocker switches to be mounted in the TT trailer. Yeah I could have something fabbed...but prefer not to go down that path. Links appreciated!
  13. spressomon

    For Sale  Blue Ridge Overland 80/100 Attic

    <SOLD> Changed my mind. Brand new & unused. As shown and described here: Landcruiser Attic Made in the USA. $75 shipped (USA)
  14. spressomon

    Slab Bacon en Adobo...aka Bacon Candy

    So I was, as I get to do almost every year for Planet X Pottery's annual Memorial Day weekend sale and party located at the northern end of the Smoke Creek Desert...near Gerlach Nevada, doing my part amongst a few similar cohorts, playing short order cook and got turned on to Slab Bacon en...
  15. spressomon

    In Omaha and need A/C tech

    Currently in Omaha for 10-days or so visiting my folks and friends and in need of a trust worthy A/C tech. Its been 20-years since living here and don't have anything more than the yellow pages... A/C went out on my '99 and I need the system charged with dye to find the leaking culprit. Then...
  16. spressomon

    For Sale  For Sale 18" Tundra/100-Series Wheels

    GONE! For Sale: 4) 18" x 8" OEM Toyota Forged Tundra/LC (5x150) wheels. Includes 1) Goodyear 285/75R18 MT/R Kevlar tire in good shape. Some rock rash but would be great for a 2nd set of off-road wheels and/or a trailer. $50 for all Reno
  17. spressomon

    For Sale  OEM Toyota Oil and Air Filters for 3.5L V6

    For Sale: 2 (two): New in the box Toyota OEM air filters #17801-31120 AND 5 (five): New in the box Toyota OEM oil filter elements #04152-YZZA1 These fit, among other years & models, 2005-2012 RAV4 and 2008-current Venza 3.5L V6 engine. $30 shipping included lower 48.
  18. spressomon

    For Sale  Steering wheel from '96 80-Series

    SOLD Good to use while your's is getting recovered and/or better condition than what you have. $60 shipping included (USA)
  19. spressomon

    Wood Casting

    Nope...not Land Cruiser related but its fabrication and damn cool: . . .
  20. spressomon

    For Sale  New USA made 7/8" screw pin anchor shackle (AKA "D/Bow Shackle")

    7/8" screw pin anchor shackle (1" pin diameter) WLL: 8-1/2 ton Never used $40 includes USA shipping
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