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    Rear 200 mat for removed 3rd row, same as heritage

    Looks good , it does need some filler type panels . the Toyota’s plastic does not do well with any chemical cleaners ever a wax and grease cleaner can melt or discolor these plastics . My buddy did the same but we actually use a simulated rubber sheet with tread that has a adhesive and worked...
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    TRD or Magnuson supercharger?

    I had a tundra with a TRD supercharger , crew max was a great truck frame just had too much flex for my liking . The Super charger was great lots of power , if you think your truck is thirsty now just wait till you have a Super charger on the 5.7 and you have to run premium gas all the time . I...
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    Is the 200 Series Frame Prone to Rust?

    If you don’t drive it in the salt it won’t rust ... LOL I remember a sales guy telling a customer at a dealership my uncle owned . You think you hate it now ... Wait til you drive it . You spend big bucks for these trucks a some states like the greater northeast apply salt by the inch . Salt...
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    Made the 200 plunge today

    Looks great enjoy the dependability , I see you got the perfect color for California , I was living out in San Diego from back east when I was young and poor , I had a black 4Runner ... ended up painting the roof white ... LOL Good luck with new truck .
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    Metal OEM Toyota New Oil Filter Housing Cap + Plug

    I would think the plastic would be a better material for threading and un-threading for the housing , 2 similar materials could cross thread ? Does the Aluminum need a longer center tube ? I rememeber reading it could need a longer tube swapped out . Have you used any lube on the aluminum...
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    Just curious, what's your OTHER vehicle?

    That’s awesome I like headlight , 12 / 13 were the best years for tunablity they were still cable and vortex ECU worked great . I like the bike as a enduro just a bit heavy thats why I went CRF450L nice and light . Still ran the Distanzia tires just incase I hit a fire road .
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    Just curious, what's your OTHER vehicle?

    Funny thing I missed this one I sold it back in 2013 to a Doctor in NYC for big money I. Did all the supermoto conversion , full Akropovic exhaust , Vortex ignition ... Lots of dough in that bike and it tuned back up on the internet last year I bought it back only had 1800 miles on the bike I...
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    Just curious, what's your OTHER vehicle?

    2019 Land Cruiser 2015 Tacoma 4x4 Access 4cyl 2019 GMC 3500 4x4 SRW Denali Duramax The GMC has Denso injection pump and injectors ... it’s almost a Toyota . My 2 wheel forms of Transportation 2018 Suzuki V-Strom 650 xt 2012 KTM 690 Enduro R 2019 Honda CRF450L Only reason I own a GMC is...
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    Heritage Edition lifted!!!

    Nice looking truck !
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    Heritage Edition lifted!!!

    They all look nice ... White always looks like the bumpers are ripped off or missing for me , maybe do a color match Bumpers ... Looks like chicken legs ...LOL I think the best we can expect is 200 with Tundra 4” lift and Tundra control arms and axles with 37” tires , maybe 38” if you squeeze a...
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    Heritage Edition lifted!!!

    Looks nice I was expecting bigger also ... I like the wheels and tires . I was looking at the Heritage prior Covid 19 most the dealers were asking all the money high 80’s in pricing acting like its the latest / greatest . I like the base models . Considering missing . Running Boards Cooler glove...
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    200 on 40's

    I think the since this guy fabricated his own rear bumper filler panels he could machine up some round aluminum blocks for a body lift , looks like he has some talent . My biggest issue with body lifts is fan radiator must be dropped or replace with a electric setup , a lot os hack guys just cut...
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    200 on 40's

    Love it. ... once the 200 series has been replaced by the 300 Electric .. LOL . I would think bigger than 3.5 lift kits would be available for the 200 . I live on the east coast now , we got Sand, Mud and Pa coal hills . I lived in Utah and California I and I had jeeps with full Genright...
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    Land Cruiser vs Range Rover

    My girlfriends parents are hiding on a island off Ft. Myers FL , Bokeelia and one of there neighbors was showing off his brand new range rover the next day it left on a roll back ... LOL Brand new 100k +SUV broke a day after the guy bought it . Enough Said .
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    200 Series Toyota Land Cruiser Rear Axle Breather

    You may want to change your rear axle gear oil , as long as the vent tube nipple is in good condition any length of hose just re-route it and as others have said baisc vent cap , the higher the better , longer section up to the Gas fill always works for me .
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    Timing Gears, Tensioners, Chain Guides, Timing Cover, Valley Plate, Water Pump, Gaskets Galore!

    I have bought low milage 40k on it complete 5.7 motor for 3k ... $4600 Ouch for a repair .
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    Heritage Edition - Leather Quality

    I’m sure there are other or better forged wheels out there . I have another buddy who was seriously looking at the Heritage , came down to 82k was the best he could find in PA/NJ/NY Pre-Corona , but now with Corona I’m sure the prices will come down but we are staying clear of NJ/NY with all...
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    Heritage Edition - Leather Quality

    I think all the Terra had black headliner , I had a 2018 and it was black , I like the black real leather over the Terra , It was not bad but showed more wear wrinkles . All this leather talk reminds me of the ... Córdoba The Corinthian leather ... LOL
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    Heritage Edition - Leather Quality

    It kind of felt like the Pleather they used in the 4runners , No rear seats , running boards , cooler and weird leather , my biggest removed item was the body side moldings , with no running boards and side moldings and you use your LC for a daily driver that truck would collect dents like crazy...
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    Is the LC worthy as an off-road toy?

    Have you seen the Frame Flex on the Tundra Crew max like in the original pic post ... Had a buddy wheeled his Crew max bent the frame right between the bed and cab . I always thought that was a weak area when I owned a couple Tundra Crew max trucks just on road you could watch the flex in your...
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