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  1. Nifski

    Best fuel injection???

    I have a carbed Chevy 383 stroker in our FJ45, I want to go with a fuel injection system and would like to hear what you may recommend. Many thanks!
  2. Nifski

    Which is the best Fuel injection system for a V8

    i run a 383 Chevy V8 in our FJ 45, I want to look into putting an injection system instead of the Carb, Any recommendations on brand? Or model? Recommendations appreciated!
  3. Nifski

    Wanted 2005-2006 tundra 4 door limited

    Anyone willing to sell there Tundra Limited 4x4, lower miles preferred.
  4. Nifski

    For Sale 1F header

    I believe this is a header for a 1F, I was told you could not get a new one anymore, maybe someone could verify this by commenting, @Living in the Past ,@65swb45 . $100 plus the ride
  5. Nifski

    For Sale Clutch slave

    I think it is for a late 1970’s FJ40. $25.00
  6. Nifski

    For Sale Early FJ40 oil filters

    4 total $30
  7. Nifski

    For Sale SOR disc parking brake kit

    $60 for everything
  8. Nifski

    For Sale Early NIB 1970’s turn signal

    Early 1970’s FJ40 turn signals, new in box. $60
  9. Nifski

    For Sale Fj62 buttons/switches

    misc switches, $5 per switch
  10. Nifski

    For Sale Crank Case Bearings

    Crank case Bearings, NIB. Toyota. $50.00
  11. Nifski

    For Sale 1.5” Spider Trax Spacers

    Set of 4 for $80 plus $20 shipping
  12. Nifski

    For Sale 1.5” Spider Trax Spacers

    Set of 4 for $80 plus $20 shipping
  13. Nifski

    For Sale FST saftey door straps

    Door saftey straps with circle rings on end $80.00 for all four plus $20 shipping
  14. Nifski

    For Sale Toyota CB

    CB, works but has faint signal, CB show said they can do a diagnostic and fix it, external speaker mounts beneath on CB. $200.00 plus shipping
  15. Nifski

    Parts identification please

    I am cleaning out the garage and will be listing 40 and 60 parts tonight. Came across these two items, anyone know what they go or belong to? Clutch cylinder thinking 1977? Thx,N
  16. Nifski

    For sale FZJ 80

    selling @mtkreitz 80 purchased from him last year, @murf can chime in. Ad over in 80 section. Thx,Nifski
  17. Nifski

    For Sale Arizona 1995fzj80

    Upfor sale is a great 80! We had bought this truck from a muddier about 1 year ago to drive while we rebuilt a Subaru STI engine. Both @mtkreitz the PO and @murf the service manager at Local Toyota dealership can chime in on the condition of the truck as well as mods. Camelback Toyota installed...
  18. Nifski

    Wanted 1964 complete engine

    Does anyone have an early motor that would be compatable for my ‘64 40 ???, running or rebuildable , needs to be complete.
  19. Nifski

    Looking for real estate in Seattle area

    we will be coming up to Seattle in September to look into real estate in the Puget doubt area, Whitby , Bainbridge or other areas. We are looking for a real estate person that is experienced and can give us an overview of all neighborhoods and opportunities, if you know of one we would...
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