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  1. uscmas412

    Cracked Fuel Injector Plastic

    I posted this in my turbo build thread, but figured it was worthy of its own post. I sent my injectors out for cleaning to InjectorRx. Spray patterns were good after cleaning, but the #6 injector has a cracked plastic housing. It’s cracked on both sides. FWIW, the injector report did not...
  2. uscmas412

    Painstakingly Slow Turbo Install

    Mud, This will be my documentation of the Wits' End Turbo Kit installation. It will be a slow process (due to my skills/time available) and hopefully this thread will help someone else along the way. If you have any recommendations or tips, please share! Today I started unbolting the...
  3. uscmas412

    EFI problems, no combustion

    Symptoms: Cranks/turns over strong every time, but combustion is not occurring. Problem has been traced to a lack of fuel. I’m thinking I’ve got a bad connection somewhere in the EFI system. What's been done so far: -This week No fuel dripping or streaming from fuel pressure regulator...
  4. uscmas412

    Voltage Drop

    In researching my intermittent start issues, I came across this article explaining voltage drop and the effects of bad ground connections. It's a worthwhile read for those of us still learning. What I couldn't figure out is if the age or use of the wire changes voltage/impedence/current. I...
  5. uscmas412

    P1300 Igniter Circuit Malfunction

    Engine has been cranking well since the rebuild ~200 miles ago, minus the random no crank I intermittently experienced even before the work was done. This morning my rig would not start. Cranked over multiple revolutions, no go. Tried it twice and left in my other vehicle. This evening I...
  6. uscmas412

    For Sale  FZJ80 Miscellaneous Parts

    A few parts from my stockpile, all are original to the vehicle with the exception of the distributor cap and the alternator shows Toyo reman. All were in working condition at time of removal, with ~ 203k on the rig. All prices OBO and include CONUS shipping. Wiring Harness - $125 * A couple...
  7. uscmas412

    Engine Out Overhaul Complete

    In preparation for the turbo kit and to deal with severe oil consumption, I hired a local shop to do an overhaul. A summary of the work includes: Engine pulled, head gasket, ceramic coated cylinder heads, front & rear main seals, timing chain, oil pans sealed, turbo oil drain welded, EGR...
  8. uscmas412

    For Sale  1997 Stock Front Bumper--FL

    $40 OBO, pick-up only. Valence included.
  9. uscmas412

    Control Pack Wiring

    I'm new to winches and need advice for my Warn VR-10S. The control pack had to be relocated due to the bumper design, but the winch did not come with a remote mounting kit. I have it located in front of the battery, with closed cell padding beneath the control pack. It moves very little due...
  10. uscmas412

    Wanted  Head Gasket DVD

    If anyone has an IdahoDoug HG DVD for the 80 they no longer need, please let me know!
  11. uscmas412

    97 Crank, No Ignition

    @FlyingDevil42 and I finished up his valve cover gasket repair. On the initial crank, she fired right up but ran rough for ~20-30 seconds and we turned it off. Subsequent starts have been unsuccessful and we also do not have a check engine light (MIL) with the key in the "ON" position. It's...
  12. uscmas412

    Seized Knuckle Grease Plug

    I'm helping @SmokeSkiCA with his front axle overhaul (complete rebuild and first attempt for either of us). One of the knuckle grease plugs is seized and we've tried the below steps: Crescent wrench Vise Grips Stud remover Nut Remover Lots of MAP torch and PB Blaster As you can see from the...
  13. uscmas412

    For Sale  FZJ80 Power Steering Pump

    Removed from my 1997 with 181k, appears to be original OEM. The pump was working fine but had developed a small leak at the rear seal. Gear not included. $100 + shipping.
  14. uscmas412

    Power Steering Leak

    I've known I had a power steering leak for a while, I finally got around to adding UV dye to confirm it was coming from the hoses. It look's like an actual seal on the pump is leaking, do I need to replace it? View from the top: View from the bottom:
  15. uscmas412

    Broken Distributor Connector

    Any ideas on a way to secure a distributor connector with a broken tab? I tried a zip tie but the orientation of the wires doesn't allow the zip to compress properly. It will eventually need to be replaced as the orange wire is chaffed, but I'm hoping for an interim fix. Anyone have a part...
  16. uscmas412

    Brake Lights Quit Working

    I've had brake problems the past week, diagnosed as a faulty brake booster. The new OEM brake booster was put in today and works fine. After doing the swap and re-assembley, the brake lights were still on. The new problem was caused by the brake pedal lever not depressing the plunger on the...
  17. uscmas412

    Power Brakes Intermittent

    My power brakes do not work on initial engine start and are intermittent at idle speed. I'm guessing a booster issue?
  18. uscmas412

    eBay  1997 Land Cruiser -- LA

    Does anyone know this vehicle? I've got a friend interested. 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser
  19. uscmas412

    Inspection Window Cover

    I'm not entirely sure of the correct name for this piece of plastic, but it's pictured below from the FSM. Toyota vaguely refers to it as a "hole plug." Any idea as to a part number or if it's still available?
  20. uscmas412

    For Sale  Used Charcoal Canister and intake extensions

    The charcoal canister was just removed with 164k on the clock. I assume the PO removed the intake pieces when he installed the snorkel. $20 each shipped.
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