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  1. Hailey Walker

    Okay... I swear this is the last sticker I'll need. wink*

    Yesterday I purchased my first Land Cruiser and could not be more excited. It's.... so... nice. I have been looking around off and on for the past few months but recently had my nose on Facebook and Craigslist non stop and found this one. He was originally asking $13,600 but I just decided to...
  2. Hailey Walker

    1985 4Runner "Aretha... the DD build"

    I accidentily posted this thread before it was finished. The title is suppose to be (1985 4Runner "Aretha... DD Build") Because her name is Aretha, not Gert... SMH I am a young student who is going to be DDing this thing for a long while ,Lord willing, so this is going to be a simple build...
  3. Hailey Walker

    For Sale  1985 Toyota 4Runner (22RE with factory SOLID AXLE)

    The truck is in Laurel, MS, but I drive to Tupelo, MS on some weekends. So anywhere around those areas would be an easy place for someone to come take a look and drive. $7000 (PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE) I'm selling my beautiful 4Runner. This thing is one of a kind. It has the FACTORY SOLID AXLE, a...
  4. Hailey Walker

    ...I'm going to need another sticker.

    So the 4Runner of my dreams is officially in my hands... 1985 SR5 22RE with mint interior and every add on to it's name, and all in great working order. Paint job sucks, so I can't talk bad about Jerry's 80 anymore. Brand new 33" Goodyear Wranglers, 4.88 gearing in the rear (will have to regear...
  5. Hailey Walker

    For Sale  Toyota Pickup V6 R150 Transmission

    Tupelo, MS and Laurel, MS area. I bought this transmission to swap my 89' Pickup automatic out with. Never got around to it and now the new owner wants to keep the automatic. I'm selling the transmission (with transfer case still attached), brand new clutch kit (Aisin), and brand new master and...
  6. Hailey Walker

    Introduction: Hailey Walker

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to formally introduce myself. My name is Halcyon Morgan, but you can call me Hailey. I was invited here bt dbbowen (Brian).I sold him an axle. I couldn't seem to find a dedicated introduction thread for all new people attempting to join so I appologize if this is...
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