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  1. green_fj40

    83 Console questions

    Does anyone have a pictures of where the factory console mounts?
  2. green_fj40

    Parting Out Denver Colorado: FJ40, 55, 60, 62, 80 Parts

    Still curious about the 55
  3. green_fj40

    My 83 SR5 build

    This is how it sits now. Waiting on parts.
  4. green_fj40

    My 83 SR5 build

    The one thing I love about this truck is how rust free it is
  5. green_fj40

    My 83 SR5 build

    Put on some 4Runner wheels and cleaned her up. The “custom” interior is in good shape.
  6. green_fj40

    My 83 SR5 build

    Getting her home
  7. green_fj40

    My 83 SR5 build

    This is my first 3rd gen. I spotted this truck in an old mans shed off the road. It had been sitting the last 14 years after a never completed timing chain job was started and not completed. After asking about it for several months and taking awhile for him to find the keys it was finally mine...
  8. green_fj40

    Wanted  83 High lux short bed rock sliders

    Look for rock sliders for my 83 short bed
  9. green_fj40

    Wanted Looking for SR5 steering wheel

    Sent you a message
  10. green_fj40

    Wanted  Looking for SR5 steering wheel

    Looking for a black 83 SR5 steering wheel like this
  11. D244FDBA-DC47-4EA6-A927-143D94728321.jpeg


  12. CD86F0AA-E08E-4619-9878-FE1CCDF22CFA.jpeg


  13. green_fj40

    SR5 steering wheel question

    I need a black one if anyone has one that they wanna sell
  14. E513FDDA-CB60-488D-91DB-173A4FE20E4B.jpeg


    My 2016 Taco. Lots of Meso interior parts. Currently on TRD fake bead locks.
  15. 91truck.jpeg


    My 91
  16. EB7E6DD0-AEA9-41A9-8D66-D3B075AF86EE.jpeg


    My 71 55
  17. 166C73B6-DA96-4423-AEC7-600EEC2D65D1.jpeg


    My 76 55
  18. 85 4runner

    85 4runner

    My 85 SR5 I want it back!!
  19. 657E3BA1-AAC9-4517-9611-2F8AB02F5DBB.jpeg


    My 65
  20. green_fj40

    SR5 steering wheel question

    Is that an 83 sr5 specific wheel?
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