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    men with tool boxes

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    35 Ford

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    Installed a hand pump on my well.

    It is called simple pump and my son and I installed it our selves in one day. It is well made and can draw from 300 feet. I still have the electric at 240 ft and the pump fit easily in the 6" casing next to the other pipe. Maybe in a few months I will hook up the optional solar powered motor...
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    Why do you go camping?

    What is the driving force that makes you want to go camping?
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    Who likes fruit cakes?

    I was going to bring this up on the pie thread didn't want to hijack that wonderful topic. So far in my life it seems my son and I are the only two people I know that like those gooey cakes. Over the years I have heard some really disparaging remarks about them so let me hear your's good or bad.
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    best beer you ever had

    I am not talking most expensive or quality but the drink that brings a good memory... I have absorbed my share of suds but a memorable time I often think about was when I was out to sea during a West Pac cruise. Two buddies and I got about a case of San Miguel on board and stashed it in my...
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    miniature H&H

    Seems Queen Victoria had a boyfriend way back and she presented him with a cased Holland & Holland double barreled rifle in 1873. The case has not been viewed all this time until it went on auction and was purchased by the Scottish National Museum. I was commissioned by a miniature collector...
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    Veterans choice program co pay surprise

    For anyone on veteran's choice program be aware that you may have a co pay depending on your status. I have been getting bills for co pay for my medication because it goes through the VA but my Doctor bills go through Tri West. I have been going to a local Dr. and Tri West has been paying the...
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    Another FJ40-EV

    eLandcruiser I corresponded with this guy when he was first doing the conversion.
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    Vet choice and Mission act

    Anyone on the veteran's choice and are you having problems with the mission act. I have been on veterans choice for about three years and been told I am no longer on it. I have been trying to get through to find out what is going on and how to get reinstated. I have been calling the VA and...
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    Wanna see a hundred dollars worth of lumber?

    Just got my wood order today and am anxious to start in on some new projects. The sheets are 24 inch long 1/16 inch thick Cocobolo, Bocote, Mahogany, Rosewood, Satine and Ebony. I make miniature gun cases and various types of boxes out of the wood. 1 1/2"L X 1 1/4" W X 1"H Mahjong set made of...
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    Small fj40 frame off rebuilt

    1970 fj40 land cruiser - Yahoo Video Search Results
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    electric chain saws

    I bought an electric Craftsman chainsaw a couple of years ago and used it for some small stuff and then put it one a shelf and didn't touch it until today. It has a 16" bar and when I got it out checked the bar oil and started cutting. I also have a 14" 40volt saw I bought about 6 months ago...
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    door lock clip

    I have had an extra door lock for my 1970 FJ40 and for many years have been saying one of these days I am going to install it on the passenger door. Well yesterday I finally got around to it. One problem...I figured I could make my own spring clip but obviously can't. I tried to make one out of...
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    WW1 trivia

    As we celebrate veterans day and the 100th anniversary of the WW1 armistice, few of the people that take time to actually reflect on what it is about beyond a three day weekend know that there was a six hour delay between the signing of the treaty and the actual end of the war. In those six...
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    cool sort of old car

    Went to another annual car show in the town close to where I live. I drove the Cruiser and was asked to park in the non-registered antique section. With all the shiny antique and custom cars around I was surprised with attention my old rig got. Took my camera but got to talking so much didn't...
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    floor jack placement

    I spent the day tinkering and and inspecting my Toy and jacked it up to spin the tires looking and listening. I lifted the back and put the stands under it and used the third member to lift both tires at once. Did the same on the front. I put the stands under the shackles so there is not much...
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    Got excited about a bit of snow

    Haven't had a good snow here in a couple of years so the first dusting this winter got us out. When I first moved here in 89 we got two or three good snows a year. The road department didn't have much more for clearing roads than a couple of paint-scrapers back then and I was one of the few...
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    I didn't want to put this in the joke of the day because it is an actual ad from the 60's.
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    Dome home

    I was looking at the log home thread and wondered if anyone has done a dome. Geodesic, Hexa-dome or other?
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