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  1. LS1FJ40

    In Memory of Kevin, Tools R US

    Damn. Haven’t been on Mud in a while. This is gut wrenching. I can’t count the number of times he talked me off the ledge when I was panicking about something simple or trivial. Never got the pleasure of meeting him in person but that never stopped him from giving me his time to help me out...
  2. LS1FJ40

    SEARS Biting The Dust

    The 800# should be able to help with stuff we don’t carry in store. I can check the exact process tomorrow and see what it says. I don’t deal with the retail side of things so much but find out easy enough.
  3. LS1FJ40

    3FE fuel injector replacement

    Downtime isn’t a big deal so much as the time to get to do it. I’ll just pull them and send them off to witch hunter. She’s got 290k on her. She’s due.
  4. LS1FJ40

    Not mine, but supposed 2016 Land Cruiser Double Cab Pickup for sale...

    What doughboy said... A dealer has a store. The FJC was not $100k (at least I hope it wasn’t...)
  5. LS1FJ40

    3FE fuel injector replacement

    My son’s #1 injector is leaking causing loss of fuel pressure when sitting which is causing long cranking times to start. I have had little time to deal with this. Do I bite the bullet on time and pull all of them and send them off to WitchHunter? Or is it possible to pull only the #1 and...
  6. LS1FJ40

    fj45 destroyed while being delivered in Central Valley

    I wouldn't take anything for granted. If you purchase a new vehicle and get in an accident 3 months down the road the insurance company is going to try to give you "market value" which is not what you would have paid for it. Stick to your guns. Make sure you are made whole.
  7. LS1FJ40

    fj45 destroyed while being delivered in Central Valley

    just remember, you do not have to accept any offer from his insurance company. keep fighting. keep demanding more. your are the one that has been inconvenienced and harmed by him. At minimum you should get full value plus his first born.
  8. LS1FJ40

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Our fancy Fiesta rental... Tantallon Castle. Pretty sweet. Well fitted 80 from Switzerland, I believe. Left him a note on the door.
  9. LS1FJ40

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    I’m alive! Been working! Thanks for checking on me. In keeping with the “tech” of this thread... Here is an 80 Series we just saw in Scotland at Tantallon Castle. Spur of the moment trip to go visit my daughter for the weekend.
  10. LS1FJ40

    Help Complete GATES FZJ80 Belts & Hoses List

    A 41 year design flaw... 🙄 The head gasket failure is not related to asbestos ban. It is two materials that have a different coefficient of expansion (aluminum head and iron block). Talk about design flaw...
  11. LS1FJ40

    2004 Sequoia died...won’t start.

    Full disclosure: I don’t know much about newer vehicles (my DD is a 1993 80 Series...) My brothers 2004 sequoia died while driving. And won’t start. Cranks but won’t pop. He dumped all of his coolant two weeks ago. Had the radiator (which had blown a hole) replaced and hoses. Said that he is...
  12. LS1FJ40

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Proceeds are going in to the 7x Series fund account for when she grenades! Rattle cans are cheap...
  13. LS1FJ40

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Correct. Granted my armor cost more than my rig... 😜 All money spent on Land Cruisers is money well spent!
  14. LS1FJ40

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Passenger side gap Driver side no gap touching the body. No body, lower tailgate, upper hatch, or tail light damaged. If you zoom in you can see where she smacked the corner of the bumper. shout out to @TRAIL TAILOR for protecting my ugly ass rig!
  15. LS1FJ40

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Got in a fight with an Escalade. The Escalade sucker punched my 93. Pushed in the wing of my Trail Tailor bumper about 3/4”. No damage to my Land Cruiser. Bumper took all of it. The Escalade, well, she didn’t fair so well... Without the bumper the rear quarter, lower hatch, upper hatch, tail...
  16. LS1FJ40

    Help Complete GATES FZJ80 Belts & Hoses List

    Meh, few and far between. Considering the design was virtually the same from 1951 to 1992 I would think it’s a pretty reliable design.
  17. LS1FJ40

    Who has the HIGHEST mileage on an 80???

    My 93 is now 365k and still chugging along. Had originally thought about buying a rebuilt motor at some point but I’ve decided that I will drive her until she grenades and pick up a 7x Series. The other night I walked in the house and my wife was sewing American Legion patches on baseball...
  18. LS1FJ40

    CBD Oil?

    Some CBD products (most states) have CBD extracted from Hemp, not cannabis. If it is extracted from Hemp it wouldn’t have the possibility of THC. It also isn’t as good...
  19. LS1FJ40

    For Sale N. GA: James Baroud Grand Raid Rooftop Tent

    How much was the Costco tent? Link is dead and couldn’t find anything online. Just curious...
  20. LS1FJ40

    looking for "what tools you carry thread"

    Bailing wire Duct tape Bubble gum All one ever needs to repair a Land Cruiser
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