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  1. blkpngn

    Your Favorite Rock Sliders for your FJ

    After a weekend out in Red Rock Canyon State Park I have been thoroughly convinced I should purchase some good rock sliders for the FJ. Any suggestions?
  2. blkpngn

    Halogen vs. LEDs on top

    Trying to decide what to run up top on my Rig with a Gobi Stealth rack. The easy answer are some PIAA 2100 halogens that seemed to be spected for the front of the rack. There are also some Rigid LED’s that would fit also. For some reason I’m digging the round look of the PIAA 520s but not sure...
  3. blkpngn

    Great to find Other FJ minded folks

    Just wanted to say Hi and introduce myself and my '08 FJ The Black Penguin. Great info on this thread as I've caught myself reading one after the other for the past 5 hours. Stoked on all the builds and folks on here. Hopefully will cross paths with a few of you on the trails soon.
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