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  1. yonah

    SOLD  St. Louis, MO: Blue Ridge Overland Gear (BROG) lot

    I’ve streamlined my kit and have a few BROG items that I no longer need. They’ve all been in use for a couple years, so there is some wear here and there: Beard Tamer (Hygiene Kit) Molle Visor Organizer Velcro Flat Pouch 12”x5” The whole lot: I’ll also throw in a black Grimloc molle clip...
  2. yonah

    For Sale  Desert Sage ‘08 w/ KDSS in Raleigh, NC

    I spotted this on Facebook Marketplace a few days ago - it’s not my vehicle and no affiliation with the seller. I’m no GX subject matter expert, but it appears to be Desert Sage Metallic and a quick VIN check came back as a KDSS-equipped as well - which would be a rare combo per my research...
  3. yonah

    For Sale  Fayetteville, NC - 2009 200 with ARB kit

    **** This is not my 200 and I have no affiliation with it **** While driving today I spotted a black 2009 with ARB bumpers / OME suspension at the Fort Bragg POV/used car lot. I see a lot of nice used cars, UTVs, RVs, and boats on that lot during the summer (peak PCS season) as this is a...
  4. yonah

    Dealer  UNICORN ALERT - ‘08 Amazon Green (tan interior), No Nav

    Not my rig and no affiliation. This just popped up on AutoTrader. This dealer sells a lot of 200s and appears reputable. I ran the VIN in Toyota Owners and the three entries are all in Spanish - from Mexico, not sure? But an Amazon/Tan with no nav is definitely a VERY rare beast! I’m...
  5. yonah

    craigslist  No affiliation - 200-series front/rear ARB bumpers on FB Marketplace.

    I spotted this last night on Facebook Marketplace - seems like a good deal all things considered. I have no affiliation with this seller.
  6. yonah

    Wanted  WTB: anything Blue Ridge Overland Gear (BROG)

    I’ve been on a BROG kick for the past couple years and would be interested in any BROG items you gents may have on hand that you’d be willing to part with. Shoot me a PM with any offerings. Cheers -Steve
  7. yonah

    Wanted  200-series OEM luggage/roof rack parts

    I’m looking a set of front covers for a 200-series OEM roof rack. These are the covers that snap onto the front of each roof rack bar. Condition doesn’t really matter. Both sides preferred. Here is a photo of what I’m talking about.
  8. yonah

    Side mirror motor replacement - has anyone done this?

    The driver’s side mirror in my 2008 Land Cruiser does not fold in/out when the dash switch is actuated. Passenger side works as it should. I just completed the TSB bolt replacement on both sides to prevent the mirror wobble at highway speeds. While I had the three bolts removed on driver’s...
  9. yonah

    For Sale  2011 Land Cruiser - White/Tan - rust-free southern vehicle

    SOLD SOLD SOLD --- 2011 Land Cruiser VIN: JTMHY7AJ9B4005253 131,9xx (miles will increase slowly as I drive it during the week) Super White exterior paint (last year of this single-stage, non-metallic white) Fully loaded (DVD system, headlamp washers, Cool Box, etc.) Clean undercarriage...
  10. yonah

    Dealer  Beware: 2014 near Charlotte, NC

    I checked out this 2014 in Clover, SC - just southwest of Charlotte, NC - as I'm in the market for a 2013+. Autotrader - page unavailable This is a one owner vehicle, but it has been rode hard and put up wet. I started following the listing over twenty days ago when it was originally posted...
  11. yonah

    Thoughts regarding black as an exterior color

    I've been searching for a 2013+ for awhile and originally discounted black as an exterior color due to the maintenance factor (harder to keep clean) and that blemishes tend to be more pronounced against a glossy, dark surface. My wife has a black Audi and I find that it doesn't take that much...
  12. yonah

    Dealer  Built '13 LX570 near ATL

    No affiliation. This beast looks familiar ;) $37,200 at 86k miles Used 2013 LEXUS LX 570 For Sale in Buford GA JEB94262A | Buford Used LEXUS For Sale JTJHY7AX7D4102309
  13. yonah

    Wanted  2013+ within a reasonable distance from NC

    Mud, I'm looking for a 2013+ with less than 120k miles within a days drive, or so, from central NC. My budget maxes out in low forties. However, I'm flexible for the right vehicle. -One owner preferred. -Higher mileage doesn't bother me if it's been serviced per the factory recommendations...
  14. yonah

    For Sale  Rear swing-out bumper fabrication parts!

    ***SOLD!!!*** If you've been contemplating building your own rear bumper, this may save you some time and cash. --- I planned a bumper build a couple years ago - blueprints were made, parts were acquired, and I even conscripted a local fabricator for the gruntwork. However, a deployment...
  15. yonah

    craigslist  2006 time capsule with 56k miles on FB Marketplace

    No affiliation with this vehicle, but it was posted last night on FB Marketplace in Burlington, NC. Looks like a steal if the Carfax checks out and it's not a scam. I want to pass it along to Mud as FB Marketplace isn't a frequently used classified medium for these trucks. Good luck! 2006...
  16. yonah

    For Sale  OEM 200-series bug deflector

    I have an OEM bug deflector removed from a 2011. Nothing is wrong with it, I simply decided to revert my truck back to its original appearance. All hardware is included. $40 Located in Fayetteville, NC. I'll get a photo up in the next day or two.
  17. yonah

    For Sale  OEM 200-series fender flares (Super White)

    Mud, I have a full set of 200-series OEM fender flares that were removed from a 2011. Factory painted Super White. All hardware is included. Only blemish is some slight flaking of the clear coat in a few areas; after reading some threads on here, this seems to be a widespread issue with these...
  18. yonah

    Anyone using the Slee Primary Battery Tray Kit?

    I had a X2Power Group 31 AGM in my Tacoma and was very pleased with the outcome: X2Power SLI31AGMDPM (Group 31 AGM) battery, long term user experience. I would like to mimic that setup in my 2011 LC. For my use, a big Group 31 makes more sense and I like the simplicity. That being said, has...
  19. yonah

    Wanted  Wanted: 08-11 ARB Sahara bullbar/bumper

    Mud, I'd like to pick up an ARB Sahara bullbar/bumper (part no. ARB3915040). My plan is to paint it Super White to match my LC, so a gently used bar with some scuffs and scratches would fit my intended use. I can provide my OEM bumper and crash bar if you have one and are planning on...
  20. yonah

    craigslist  3rd gen Tacoma ARB promo truck take-offs

    No affiliation --- This seems like a steal of a deal for someone: 2015 current Tacoma bumpers --- Original post: make / manufacturer: ARB We have a front and rear set of ARB bumpers, (front and rear), under vehicle protection, and tow point. Fits 2005 and newer tacomas. Came off ARB...
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