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  1. pappy

    4R Side Vent Cover Removal

    How does this come off … without busting that 35 year old plastic into a million bits.
  2. pappy

    Marlin Crawler Transmission Issue

    Four years ago I bought a Marlin rebuilt transmission. Marlin is the man, right? He is the god of Toyota transmissions, right? He is highly respected for his builds, right? Well, four years later and I developed a leak at the bellhousing (actually it's been leaking for a while). Can't be my new...
  3. pappy

    OME Leaf Springs on 1985 4R

    Well, the time has come. My truck is too tall. Flame away. I don't give a rat's backside. My knees are really protesting the height of the truck, which is currently 4" from a pair of All-Poo front springs, and Alcan in the rear. The rear I'm keeping. They have settled a bit, and I can use a...
  4. pappy

    Pappy's Tour de Jemez

    Off into the weeds again. With the Gila burning I decided to head north to the Jemez. I need to confess that I really haven't spent much time in the Jemez. I'm not one of those fellas that call off forest road numbers like Frank. So, even though I've lived in ABQ for 25 years, this was really an...
  5. pappy

    Interactive Forest Service Maps

    I used these maps in the Gila this week. I will give them an 8/10, and in general I liked them. They are yet another tool to figure out where you are, and where you want to go. Before I left I downloaded offline maps for the Gila to my tablet. They worked well. Unlike a lot of digital maps, the...
  6. pappy

    COVID Economic Impact Payments

    For those of you expecting a check, you might want to wander over to the IRS website and check your status. They said if you filed taxes in 2018/19 and received a direct deposit tax refund you didn't need to do anything. They also said if you receive Social Security by direct deposit you don't...
  7. pappy

    Defying Orders

    OK, I'm a rebel, a curmudgeon, a royal pain the butt. I challenge authority. So, here we go ... Per the New Mexico Governor: "All New Mexicans are instructed to stay at home except for outings essential to health, safety, and welfare." Is this bending or breaking the rules? I think this kind...
  8. pappy

    Door/Window Piece

    Does anybody recognize this part? It was in the bottom of my door when I took the panel off. I was guessing a window stop or something, but I can't find anything on the EPC.
  9. pappy

    Cabeza Prieta and Berry Goldwater Range West Adventure, Oct 2020

    Twice last year I went to this desert area of southwest Arizona. It's pretty remote stuff. It's also regulated and a permit is required. So, I figured I would toss this out there. This is short notice for March, so I might consider a fall trip in October. At least a week is required to enjoy...
  10. pappy

    Back Window Ground - Gen1 4R

    Ok gents, I need some help. I was packing up to go play this morning and my back window decided to stop working. It went down, but now I can't get it up. I'm going to check all the usual stuff, relay, switch, etc. But, the ground is labeled "Located on the center of back panel." Anybody have an...
  11. pappy

    Camp Chef Everest 2X High Output Two-Burner Stove

    Has anybody seen one of these in the wild? I've been turned off by all the cookie-cutter Chi-crap Primus-clone stoves on the market. This one looks like it might be in a different class.
  12. pappy

    Toyota Recall

    Not sure how many of us have 2018 and 2019 vehicles.
  13. pappy

    Gen2 4R Roof Rack

    Folks, I've been all over the web looking for roof rack options for a 90-95 4Runner. Seems nothing is out there that will support a roof tent. I've been looking for something like the racks from PrinSu, Baja Racks, or Front Runner. I've even looked at load bars, and the only thing I see that...
  14. pappy

    NMOHVA Donation

    Historically, High Desert Cruisers has supported the legal defense fund at the New Mexico Off Highway Vehicle Alliance (NMOHVA - New Mexico Motorized Off-Highway Vehicle Association). Thanks to a great influx of new members, and the continued support of us old timers, we have enough money in the...
  15. pappy

    For Sale  NM/ABQ: 1999 Tacoma PreRunner Xcab 2WD

    SOLD. A friend of mine is selling her 1999 Tacoma PreRunner xcab 2WD. She is asking $5,800. 192,691 miles. 2.7L I4 engine (3RZ-FE), 4-speed auto tranny. Bucket seats, AC, tilt wheel, cruise, power windows/locks, AM/FM/CD/Cassette, shell.
  16. pappy

    A Week in Utah is Never Enough

    If you have been there, you understand why. I just came back from 7 days exploring the Grand Staircase-Escalante NM, Glen Canyon NRA, and a little bit of the Cedar Mesa area. It went something like this. Drove to Page, gassed up. Continued to Big Water, UT, and start up Smokey Mountain Rd. Take...
  17. pappy

    UPull Sale Today Only: $65 for all you can carry

    Sixty-five bucks for anything you can carry 20 feet. Anything you and a buddy can carry 20' together. Think, pile a bunch of junk on a hood and take a walk! See ad.
  18. pappy

    Loves Lost

    Many of us have owned more than one Toyota truck. Many times it's a love lost. Some (all) of us have had seller's remorse. Maybe not right away, but at some point we look back and say "damn it, I wish I still had that. It was a great little truck." So, folks, let's wallow in our own self-pity...
  19. pappy

    Events/Trails  Baja 2020 Invitation

    I'm thinking about it. I need a fix. I've had a few folks from this group join me in the past. So, here goes ... Tentative dates: 11-26 April. To avoid all the spring breaks and Easter. Subject to change. When folks think about Baja it's usually racing, cantanas, partying, palapas on the...
  20. pappy

    Installing Duplex Outlet

    I need help. See the attached picture. I have this round can in my garage ceiling. I use it for a florescent fixture. I want to install a standard duplex receptacle, but the outlet won't fit in this can. Originally this can had a bare bulb fixture that I swapped out years ago. Is there a way to...
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