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  1. Cornhusker

    Wanted  80 series Sliders

    Like the title says, I'm looking for a set of sliders for my 1995 80 Series. I'm located in Bogart, GA, but if shipping isn't crazy I am open to that. I am also not afraid to drive a little. Thank you.
  2. Cornhusker

    Wanted  80 Series Skid Plates

    I'm looking for a set of skid plates for my FZJ80. I am located near Athens, GA. I would really like a set of Cruising Off Road skids or IPOR, but open to others.
  3. Cornhusker

    Wanted  80 Series Sliders

    I'm looking for a set of Sliders for my FJZ80. I am located near Athens, GA. I would love a set of White Knuckle Off-Road ones, but open to others.
  4. Cornhusker

    SOLD  80 series, preferably 96-97 under $10k around Georgia

    I'm looking for an 96-97 80 Series for under $10k. I'm located just outside of Athens, GA and willing to travel within reason. I'm looking for something well maintained and in decent condition. Doesn't need to be built, but semi built would be nice. Not worried about it being triple locked.
  5. Cornhusker

    Wanted  100 Series suspension lift and tires

    I’m looking to finish out one of my 100 series and am on a tight budget. I’m looking for some OME 303001 Torsion Bars as well as the OME 2864 rear springs. I am very much open to other brands than OME as well, but I do need the springs for a heavy set up in the rear. I also am looking for a...
  6. Cornhusker

    Dealer  CVT tent blowout

    CVT just posted up a bunch of tents new and used as well as awnings and other items at their Chattanooga, TN location. I bought a couple and thought some of you may be interested.
  7. Cornhusker

    Looking for Cruiser mechanic around Jacksonville, preferably a magician of the electric system

    I'm having a no crank no start and had some other odd symptoms randomly prior to it. I'm kind of at my wits end on this one running everything down. No check engine light and all fuses are good. If anyone knows of a good automotive electrician in the Jacksonville area, I would love to take it...
  8. Cornhusker

    Random hard miss, then cut off while driving, then no start, then no crank...Help Please

    I've searched and searched and searched, but can't find a definitive answer on here as I can only find answers to bits and pieces, mainly the no crank leading to the starter. The vehicle in question is a 2006 LX470 - Extremely well maintained with 258k miles This past week I started having...
  9. Cornhusker

    Aussie Locker in 1999 100 series

    So, I’ve pounded on that search button and read through a ton of threads without finding anyone who has run an Aussie Locker in their 100 series. I called Torq-Masters and they don’t have anything listed for it, but they do up until 1998. Am I missing something? Is there any reason that the...
  10. Cornhusker

    Wanted  100 Series front differential and locked rear differential

    I am looking for a good front differential for a 100 series out of a 2000-2002. Mine is shot. If you have a locker in it, that is a plus. If you have a vehicle you are parting out and have a locked rear axle/diff as well, that would be fantastic. I am located in North Carolina. Thank you.
  11. Cornhusker

    Is anyone in Flowery Branch?

    Is there anyone that lives in or very close to Flowery Branch that could look at an FJ60 for me? No need to go out of your way, but if you're local, it would help me out. Thank you in advance.
  12. Cornhusker

    eBay  2008 Land Cruiser

    I’m curious if anyone has some insight on this? I feel like I have seen it on here before in a previous thread, but could not find it searching. Looks like a good buy and I’m interested, but I don’t want to travel half way across the Country and get burned. Thank you. 2008 Toyota Land Cruiser...
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