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  1. DeckerT4R

    For Sale  Rear Coil spring spacer trail tailer 30mm 40+ship NEW

    Bought these from Trail Tailer for the rear of my 200. Never installed them. They are brand new.
  2. DeckerT4R

    For Sale  Jowett Oil filter kit and 2 TRD oil filters $90+ship

    Selling my Jowett metal oil filter housing cover with fuomoto drain valve and tool for removal & install. I actually have 2 of them. I bought this in the original group buy and jowett didn't like the initial runs threads so he sent me a second one. Im selling both of them, so you'll get the new...
  3. DeckerT4R

    LX570 AHC height modifications (lift it!)

    that would be correct
  4. DeckerT4R

    My BudBuilt Sliders are on!

    Still ready to help!
  5. DeckerT4R

    Would You Buy a Diesel 200?

    Cummins Crate Engines - Get Ready to Repower - Cummins Engines I see this as a more viable option if Cummins creates a larger engine with this sort of package. These are designed for wranglers/discos mostly but if a larger version (read: more power) could be made to fit a 80/100/200 series, it...
  6. DeckerT4R

    What have you done to your 200 Series this week?

    Dang Steen, you went to town!
  7. DeckerT4R

    Would You Buy a Diesel 200?

    Duramaxs have always had injector issues but are getting better. The “LM5”, I assume you mean the new L5P? Hard to say it’s having issues since it just came out. We shall see. All new gen diesel truck emissions components have come a LONG way. I had 2 6.4 fords. That was he first gen of...
  8. DeckerT4R

    Would You Buy a Diesel 200?

    I believe it’ll never happen but being a diesel enthusiast I would absolutely buy one. I have owned 5 diesel cars/trucks in the last 10 years. If a diesel option exists it’s always my choice. Sadly diesel has this idea around it that it’s “dirty” or gross. That’s just not the case anymore...
  9. DeckerT4R

    Group Buy--Jowett Performance Filter Housing with Fuomoto drain valve

    Did I make the first batch?
  10. DeckerT4R

    Group Buy--Jowett Performance Filter Housing with Fuomoto drain valve

    Ill take one with valve and socket
  11. DeckerT4R

    MPG with Steel bumpers?

    who cares? I just got back from iceland where gas is over $8 a gal. at US prices does it matter whether its 12mpg or 15?
  12. DeckerT4R

    Auxiliary Fuel Tanks for 200s

    Can anyone confirm fitment for an LX? I don't think i saw that mentioned anywhere? Id love a 24 as my spare is on the back already, as I imagine most of your guys rigs are or will be.
  13. DeckerT4R

    Rear spring options

    If you have an LX570 you can adjust the rear AHC sensors and level it if you want it lower, or raise the front to level it. I think I read you have a land cruiser however.
  14. DeckerT4R

    Official LX570s Picture Thread

    Couldn’t get any in the daylight before we left town but that gives you an idea of the switch pro. I had that blue sea fuse block from before but I think I’ll dump it now. No need for both.
  15. DeckerT4R

    Card reader or card slot?

    A ahh gotcha. Yeah that’s not in an lx.
  16. DeckerT4R

    Card reader or card slot?

    Can someone share a pic of this slot?
  17. DeckerT4R

    Official LX570s Picture Thread

    I second the 34” size fitment. That’s what I run on my LX. They took very minor trimming.
  18. DeckerT4R

    Official LX570s Picture Thread

    Thanks! I almost mounted mine there under the hood as well, but I was able to fit it very neatly under the compressor and hide it a bit better. I do like that mounting inside! I’ll post a pic when it’s all back together.
  19. DeckerT4R

    SQOD Squad - Stupid Question Of the Day

    SO it goes all the way from the rear diff to the firewall?
  20. DeckerT4R

    Official LX570s Picture Thread

    I’d like to see a pic of your switchpro setup. Mine should be here tonight and I was planning on the ashtray location but I’m open to other ideas.
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