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  1. Tachycardic

    Cooling Situation...Is This Normal?

    I was driving offroad up a 6% grade For 2 miles to get to a trailhead today. Ambient temps were about 92F. I was full-loaded with 7 people and some gear and the AC was blowing. The AC cut out with another half mile to go, so I assumed that the engine temp hit at least 226F. No smoke or steam...
  2. Tachycardic

    Question About Jack Stands

    I received a pair of Sunex steel 3 ton jack stands (model 1003A) as a gift, but I am unclear as to their true rating. Is each jack stand capable of supporting 3 tons, or is it 3 tons for both? I don't have a hydraulic jack, so I would have to lift one corner at a time with a bottle jack. Thanks.
  3. Tachycardic

    Help Removing Brake Booster

    ‘94 LC and having trouble removing the brake booster. I can only get it out half way. Clearance is tight. Thoughts?
  4. Tachycardic

    Hissing sound

    I just noted a hissing/vacuum sound coming from the driver’s footwell. It goes away when pressing on the brakes. It returns when I let go of the brake pedal. Brakes work fine, vehicle drives normally, and there's no CEL. Nothing leaking underneath. Thoughts?
  5. Tachycardic

    Go Treads vs MAXTRAX

    I'm in the middle of sorting out my recovery gear kit and came across Go Treads: Go Treads Traction Mat (Set of 2) I like how they fold up small and are much cheaper than MAXTRAX, but I'm worried about their durability due to their folding design. I do not plan on using them as bridging tools...
  6. Tachycardic

    Sheared Bolt Removal

    I sheared the right bolt while removing the transfer case skid plate. Any ideas on how to remove it?
  7. Tachycardic

    Seat Belt Anchor Replacement

    My drivers side seat belt anchor is pretty rotten looking. Is this an easy thing to replace? Part number? Thanks.
  8. Tachycardic

    Replacing the Fuel Pump Sock/Strainer

    This site has been so invaluable for all things pertaining to Land Cruisers--I just wanted to explain what I did to replace this fuel pump sock as a little 'pay it forward' gesture. Big thanks to mercfan and his post: How to replace your fuel sock filter I apologize in advance for the massive...
  9. Tachycardic

    Happy wIth LEDs...

    My wife was tailing me when she told me that my brake lights didn’t work. Turns out that my turn signals were out as well. Didn’t do much research and made an impulsive buy on Website was easy to navigate and I found what i needed quickly. Chinese-made LEDs, but I’m happy...
  10. Tachycardic

    1994 LC MAF?

    Went to clean the MAF on my 94 and couldn’t find the hot wire to spray CRC MAF cleaner. Guess this a vane-type air flow sensor. How should I clean it? Just spray and pray?
  11. Tachycardic

    Brake Booster Going South?

    Two days ago, I noticed that when I start up the LC, the brake pedal is rock hard and the brakes are very weak. After the truck has warmed up for a minute or two, the brake feel and power go back to normal. Fluid levels are good. Brake booster failing? Thanks.
  12. Tachycardic

    I guess I'll be keeping the 80-Series a bit longer...

    The new Rover Defender intrigued me until I noted that it has a hybrid drive system, independent rear suspension, fancy air suspension, unibody construction, and electronic nannies that will probably require a boat load of money to fix in 10 years. I also read that Toyota has a new Land Cruiser...
  13. Tachycardic

    Audio Woes...Trying to Bypass the Stock Amp

    Hi All. Just installed the Metra 70-1761 into a ‘94 and pulled the 2 plugs from the factory amp behind the glove box. The radio is a Pioneer DEH-X6500BT and powers on, but I don’t get any sound. Suggestions?
  14. Tachycardic

    Another Rattle...

    My ‘94 LC recently developed a rattle with light acceleration between 35-50mph. The rattle goes away immediate when the I let go of the throttle and returns immediately when I press on the gas. Rattle sounds plasticky—it is definitely not knocking, pinging, or metallic-sounding. The rattle does...
  15. Tachycardic

    Bad Audio Amplifier?

    I recently noticed that the entire left side of my LC has no audio coming out of the speakers. This includes the driver's dash and front speaker, and right side second and third row speakers. I removed the driver's speaker and plugged in another--no sound. I removed the connector and hard-wired...
  16. Tachycardic

    Question about CB mount and antenna

    Looking for peoples’ experience with a set up like mine. I have a Gamiviti hood mount (seems very study) and a Sirio Turbo 5000 (quite meaty). Connecting coax is a Sirio SO 239. The Sirio weighs about a pound and I took the LC out for a drive on the highway with it mounted. Seemed to be okay. My...
  17. Tachycardic

    Tim from Gamiviti

    I've been wanting to post this for a while, but have not gotten around to it. Like many before me, I did a ton of research on roof racks and narrowed the field down to Gamiviti. It was New Years day and I was on vacation when I decided to email them about what I wanted, along with some questions...
  18. Tachycardic

    Las Vegas Area Land Cruiser Specialist Recommendations

    Happy New Year all! New 1994 LC owner here and I'm looking for an area LC specialist to help with suspension/drivetrain upgrades. I know we have 4WP in town, but they seem to focus on newer vehicles. Does anyone have experiences with BTB or Man A Fre? Thanks.
  19. Tachycardic

    Air Filters

    Replaced my air filter with a genuine Toyota washable one tonight. The first pic shows what was in my truck and the second pic shows the washable Toyota version. Third pic is a side-by-side comparison with the Toyota one having a sturdier plastic, thinner metal grate, and yellow filter material...
  20. Tachycardic

    More Whining...

    Did some searches, but didn't find what I was looking for so... I have a stock '94 (278k miles) that whines a little starting at 40mph--not a big deal. However, at 60mph and up, it gets pretty loud. The whine only occurs with throttle. The whine stops immediately off-throttle, and if the speeds...
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