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  1. cruiser enthuiser

    Options for discontinued window weather strip

    I’m getting ready to paint my truck and will be replacing all the weather stripping at the same time. I’ve tracked down almost everything (thanks @Racer65 ) with the exception of the inner window piece. See pic below. Apologies if this had been answered somewhere else on the forum but can...
  2. cruiser enthuiser

    Wanted  FJ60 Radiator Core Support

    I need a straight, clean rad. core support for my 84 FJ60. Let me know what you got shipped to 89502. Thanks in advance! -Ed
  3. cruiser enthuiser

    TLC 140

    If you haven’t seen this yet you’ve got to check it out: Awesome to see a 60 getting this kind of attention and I hope TLC brings some of the components they’ve created for this project to the market. Cheers! -Ed
  4. cruiser enthuiser

    Wanted  FJ60 Muffler Heat Shield

    Just like the title says, I'm looking for the aluminum shield that goes over the muffler for my 84 '60. Needs to be nice and straight to replace mine that's all bent to hell. Will need shipping to 89502. Let me know what you got! Thanks, Ed
  5. cruiser enthuiser

    33x10.5x15 BFG AT Pressure Question

    Hey All, Just put some brand spanking new BFG AT KO2's on my truck. Big fan of the tire but my last set didn't wear so great. I want to protect my investment in these things by running the ideal pressure. i spent the last 30 minutes doing doing the chalk test and my results indicate the...
  6. cruiser enthuiser

    Wanted  FJ62 Rear Sway Bar

    With associated brackets please. Shipping to 89502. Thanks! -Ed
  7. cruiser enthuiser

    Terrain Tamer Lift - Install by Valley Hybrids

    Just got back from a road trip to Stockton to see Georg @orangefj45 and his crew at Valley Hybrids! I have been wanting a modest spring under lift for my cruiser for a while. After discussing options with Georg I decided to pull the trigger on a Terrain Tamer lift kit. There's not a ton of...
  8. cruiser enthuiser

    Wanted  FJ60 Gas Tank

    Hey Fellas, Looking for a recall gas tank in clean, rust-free condition. Must have the depression/flat spot on top of the tank for an internal fuel pump like this: Yes, it will have to be shipped but I'm willing to pay a reasonable charge. Zip code is 89502. Let me know what you got! -Ed
  9. cruiser enthuiser

    Wanted  80 Air Cleaner Box Lid

    just like the title says... Need the lid only. Going on a HJ60 air cleaner box as part of my Vortec conversion. Hit me up! Shipping to 89502. Email at or PM. Thanks! Ed
  10. cruiser enthuiser

    Builds  2F Retirement/ Vortec Resto-Fresh

    Finally time to post up a build thread for my '84 FJ60! Over the last 6 months I've been acquiring parts to swap the drive train to a GM 5.3l with 4L60E auto trans. I've read and researched the many useful threads here and elsewhere on the interweb until my eyes were crossed and blurry but...
  11. cruiser enthuiser

    Wanted  FJ60 2F Rocker Arm Lock Nuts

    Hey All, Had a little trouble doing my first valve adjust on my new (to me) '87. Two of the retainer nuts or lock nuts were seized and would not allow me to loosen/adjust the valves. I need two replacements - the nut and adjuster ( the piece with the slot that contact the top of the pushrod)...
  12. cruiser enthuiser

    Wanted  FJ60 Vinyl Wheel Well Cover - gray

    Looking for an excellent condition wheel well cover for the right side interior in gray. Anyone have? Shipping to 89502. Thanks! Ed
  13. cruiser enthuiser

    Wanted  FJ60 Glove Box Door - Gray

    Clean and dent free. Whose got one? Need it shipped to 89502. Thanks in advance! Ed
  14. cruiser enthuiser

    Wanted  Misc. 60 parts, chrome clip, wiper cover, valence panel

    Hey All, Need help with the following bits for my '84 FJ60: 1. Chrome clip for rain gutter trim. 2. Cover that goes over windshield wiper pivot arm. 3. Good condition lower valence panel with holes for headlight washers. PM or email me at Thanks! -Ed
  15. cruiser enthuiser

    Transfer Case Linkage - How to Remove?

    Guys, I'm wrapping up a t-case rebuild on my '84. I elected to rebuild the case on the truck rather than dropping the transmission. It's been a helluva project for me but the finish line is in sight. SO, my issue right now is with the linkage. I'm guessing the solution is probably...
  16. cruiser enthuiser

    Wanted  80 front bumper and misc.

    Hey All, Bad news, the wife was in a scrape today, rear ended another vehicle. No one was hurt thankfully. Front bumper is toast. Also need: DS headlight housing DS turn signal housing AC rigid line ( see pic ) Bumper and mounting brackets This is for a '96. Really hoping someone...
  17. cruiser enthuiser

    Stripped nut removing clutch slave. Now what?

    Fellas, Went out to start the 60 a few days ago and found that I had no clutch pedal. I mean it went all the way to the floor with no resistance whatsoever. It was operating perfectly prior to that. Seeing that there was a fresh stain on the driveway underneath and no fluid in the reservoir...
  18. cruiser enthuiser

    Wanted  WTB ash tray for 96 FZJ80

    My ash tray, with all my loose change, was stolen:mad: Got one? Let me know. Shipping to 89502' Thanks Ed
  19. cruiser enthuiser

    Smoking front wheel, this looks bad. Advice please!

    Gents, I'm in need of advice and guidance. I love Land Cruisers but I'm no mechanic. Our beloved 80, my wife's DD, has just recently clocked over 200k. Last weekend I threw on some new brake pads after noticing some grinding noise up front. They were pretty worn but it seemed no big deal...
  20. cruiser enthuiser

    Wanted  SBC 350 to H42 Adapter

    Greetings! Looking to adapt the tranny from my parts FJ60 to the 350 already in my 40. I can't take driving the 3 speed anymore! And I simply don't have the dough for an NV4500 swap. Let me know what you got. Thanks -Ed
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