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  1. Lil'John

    Is the owner of this Placerville FJ45 here?

    Title states it. I was running one of the 'backroads' of Placerville, Calif and saw this beauty: After doing two u-turns, I got the wife to snap a picture. I didn't want to freak the owner out by running around it ;)
  2. Lil'John

    Are Bob Firestien v8 mounts still being produced?

    Title basically states it. Way back in the late 90s, I had a set of his early style that were fixed height. I liked their ease of install. So are they still being made? Bob or other manufacturing. I'm not interested in AA or Transdapt style.
  3. Lil'John

    Mid body mounts, what is the solution(2020)?

    Title kind of states it. It sounds like the 4runner kit works for all the other mounts: I need the 'block' ones in the middle of the body pointed at by arrows: I have the rest of the mounts in relatively good shape but not the ones shown above. I...
  4. Lil'John

    Speedo gear sets for 38mm case, what do I need and how to identify?

    Title kind of states it. I was starting assembly on a 38mm split case for my big block Cady FJ55. As seems to be usual for my basement, there is a black hole that ate the drive gear on the output shaft that I picked up :( Before I head back to Valley Hybrid again for another, I want to see if...
  5. Lil'John

    How far up can a split case be rotated up with Blackbox?

    Title basically states it. For sake of argument, let us ignore any potential body issues as well as turning it into a driverside drop box. Now that I've clarified 34mm and 38mm gut issues, I'm getting ready to drop the Blackbox to fix the capacity issue. Here is what the front of a Blackbox...
  6. Lil'John

    Is there different stock ratios for transfer cases depending upon 34mm or 38mm?

    I was swapping transfer cases between two of my projects. One was a 34mm and the other was a 38mm. I was hoping for a nice easy and quick swap. I ran into the gears being different: Here is 34mm idle cluster: Here is 38mm: Notice how the 34mm have the gear splines going "opposite" while...
  7. Lil'John

    Is there a "view in print" mode for threads?

    Title kind of states it. But is there a way to view all pages of a thread in a printable view?
  8. Lil'John

    Recommend me a new house gas tanked water heater

    Title basically states it. I'm not overly happy with my current tankless heater solution. I suspect that PO bought "under sized" for cold water for well. I priced out what was closer to the correct delta temp for a new one and am still in sticker shock :eek: So I'm looking at tanked water...
  9. Lil'John

    4wd vacuum switch: which port is which?

    I am starting to diagnose 'dead' vacuum 4wd in my 1971 FJ55 after playing in the snow in my yard: I am using the stock 1971 FJ55 shifter parts on the firewall to feed an FJ62 vacuum split case. Let us use the following picture: Which port on the firewall is supposed to provide vacuum to the...
  10. Lil'John

    Fixing emblem posts and what looking for retainers

    Title kind of states it. I have broken post on an emblem for my FJ55: How can I repair the emblem? Also, does anyone know of a retaining clip for them?
  11. Lil'John

    Is it feasible to do metal frame with traditional wood siding(t1-11, plywood and hardi plank)?

    Title kind of states it. I have a perfect pad that will fit about 50'x60' shop. I was curious how easy it would be to convert a red iron 'carport' like this: Then at a future date add wood walls/doors at a later time. I would like the shop to match the house which will be t1-11 for a bit...
  12. Lil'John

    "Safe" sticker removal and matte finish body

    My wife doesn't want a 'Toyota' off white FJ40. So I have two questions: 1) How can I remove a sticker with the intention of being able to reuse it? 2) How can I get a matte finish that will survive? I don't want to do rattle can finish and redo every year.
  13. Lil'John

    Early split hood on later firewall(75ish), what needs to be done?

    I have acquired an earlier split hood similar to this: What if anything needs to change to make the hood work? My hood is missing the windshield latch holes and hooks. From what I recall, I will need to use the 75+ style windshield bumper because the 75+ windshield has 'extended' hinges to...
  14. Lil'John

    Transfer case rebuild, where to start output housing shims?

    Title basically states it. More info: I am rebuilding an 'incomplete' transfer case that did not have ANY shims with it: I've got some shims on order(Ford 8.8 carrier bearing shims that appear to be the correct OD). So the question is: how thick of a shim pack should I start? With no...
  15. Lil'John

    What ebrake cable for floor mount handle and transfercase drum?

    Title basically states it. I'm grafting a floor mount handle into my FJ55 and retaining the parking brake on the transfercase. Is there an OEM cable solution? Or even a non-OEM solution.
  16. Lil'John

    What is the better solution: super deep gears, doubler, or tcase gears

    Short: one of the three is available; super deep gears (5.86), doubler, or tcase gears. Why would you pick one over the other? Long: Setup: Big block cady(472), SM465, and 34mm split case in FJ55. Axles are Dana 60s with 3.54 gearing and rear steer. Front is getting Spartan locker, rear...
  17. Lil'John

    Are there differences between sides for door lock brackets?

    Title kind of states it. There is a little bracket that holds the lock rod onto the door lock itself. One of them looks like this: Are both driver and passenger sides the same? I couldn't see inside my own doors so I'm flying blind here.
  18. Lil'John

    Transfer case parking brake: stock out of USA market, TSM, or other option?

    Title kind of states it. Longer: I have an FJ55 project that is using a split case and the rear axle does not have parking brake provisions. Line locks are not an option what so ever. I must have a mechanical brake. I can do the stock but out of USA market drum brake on the back of the...
  19. Lil'John

    2f with EFI, 2fe, or 3fe for an FJ40

    I've done a search and haven't seen anything that jumped out at me. I'm still pouring over this thread: I'm resurrecting an FJ40 that has NO drivetrain in the next 5+ years. Currently, my frame has the stock motor/trans mounts. Two...
  20. Lil'John

    Is the front of an FJ40 fender fixible?

    Title kind of states it. I got a set of front fenders where the leading edge was trimmed: Is this repairable? And are there repair panels available for it? Ignore the VERY thick bedliner coating on it. I will be removing it and painting it cygnus white per the door tag. The future project...
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