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    Trekker cab to body mount?

    I picked up a "Trekker" awhile ago and am debating on the route I should take. It is an actual Trekker back half attached to a pickup cab. I'd like to restore it but am debating if I should cut the back off the cab and attach it like Winnebago did. Does anyone have detailed pictures or...
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    Toyota 3.0 V6 question Oil baffle missing?

    I'm rebuilding a 3.0 V6. Not sure the year it came out of but it has an oil cooler on the side of the block. My question is, did all years come with the oil baffle below the crankshaft? Between the pan and the block. When I took apart this particular motor, it was missing. Could that have lead...
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    Upgraded steering

    This has probably been gone over thousands of times but I'm trying to do disc brakes on the front of my 69 FJ55. I had a line on a FJ60 front axle but someone else got to it before me. I think I have enough mini truck parts (knuckles, spindles) to put it together that way. I was going to use the...
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    craigslist  88 4runner solid axle and locked
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    69 FJ40 build

    Hey guys. I've had this 69 for a while and have done a lot of work to it but never did a buildup thread. I bought it from a friend who got it from his neighbor, the original owner family. They brought it here from California in 1985 and parked it. I have the original sales receipt! Somewhere...
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