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  1. klinetime574

    [ cold starts > warm starts ] i'm stumped

    Temp probe is under the intake manifold. If the wire is still running to the sensor (and you want it to run every time the truck is shut off) remove the wire from the sensor and ground it. Fan runs for 20 mins or so every time the key is turned off. You should remove your air cleaner during a...
  2. klinetime574

    [ cold starts > warm starts ] i'm stumped

    I’m betting your choke isn’t hooked up or isn’t operating correctly. I never understood how it worked. I ran a wire, but never saw it actually working. I fiddled with the choke assembly so the choke plate was open all the time. Never had a problem with hot or cold starts when I lived in Texas.
  3. klinetime574

    ROTM- klinetime574

    I wanted to test drive it, but of course it started pouring. Hasn’t rained the rest of the time it’s been taken apart. Also I had just washed the DD. (Photo taken pre-rain) Going to get the 60 aligned tomorrow. It’s been 13 years or so since the last one LOL. Want to make sure it’s in spec...
  4. klinetime574

    ROTM- klinetime574

    Got the 60 finished up today. Axle nut 43521-60011 looked a little different than stock but worked just fine. Probably just an updated part. I forgot to take pics of assembly at every stage but I got some. Front axle has new knuckle and wheel bearings with seals. Front and rear differential...
  5. klinetime574

    Clutch life

    I used to drive my 60 like a hot rod... only sometimes now. 60-70k on an Aisin clutch disc. Disc looked great when I swapped the 5 speed in 5 years ago (didn’t install a new one with transmission, it was installed when engine was rebuilt circa 2008). HTH
  6. klinetime574

    How should I run new and old tires together

    Don’t drive with old tires on the highway. Buy two more new tires and prevent accidents. Keep the best old tire as a spare. I was towing a small Uhaul trailer and had a rear tire blow out. I don’t recommend that experience. Had it been a front tire there is no telling what could have happened.
  7. klinetime574

    ROTM- klinetime574

    New wheel bearing locknut should be at the local dealer Tuesday. I’ll probably get started on the rest on Sunday. Also wanted to report on the type of grease I’m using. I saw @FJ40Jim recommended a grease at Tractor Supply with 3% molybdenum. I found some closer to me at Farm & Fleet. Got 4...
  8. klinetime574

    ROTM- klinetime574

    Started my front axle knuckle rebuild today. Found myself with lots of time on my hands recently Pardon my breathing and strange pauses. Thought this video would be cool to do, did it in one take! So after the passenger side went great... I found the driver side was another story. The outer...
  9. klinetime574

    Source for 2F oil cooler lines

    @60ranchero follow this LINK Also note that Gates 28466 could also be used for the hard line on the valve cover to the thermostat housing. I did that later after buying a hose locally.
  10. klinetime574

    Carb Help

    That is the AC idle up diaphragm. The hose connects to a solenoid on the driver fender. There is a second hose on the solenoid that runs to the secondary barb of the finned brake booster connection on the intake manifold (you can see the hose running back behind the carb in that picture).
  11. klinetime574

    Dropped my pan

    Never seen anything like that posted here before. Was anything metal? Stick to a magnet?
  12. klinetime574

    New Prospective 1985 FJ60 buyer

    From the few pics I’ve seen it doesn’t scream run away. How did the C-Channel look? Opposite side of the frame from that last photo. Also make sure to check around the base of the rear wheel arches. Fold the rear seat bottom up and pull the carpet. Look for holes. Another common rust spot is the...
  13. klinetime574

    Questions on converting to 38 Weber carb

    @2mbb I read a post on here recently that someone found out they had a knock-off Weber carb. It never ran correctly, etc. I had a Weber purchased from MAF that bolted on with the stackable adapters and retained the stock linkage with trimming to a bracket. Not sure if that is MAF exclusive or...
  14. klinetime574

    best air pump idler pulley

    x2 get one from @FJ40Jim 2F Air Pump Delete Idler Pulley - TLC Performance
  15. klinetime574

    Low mileage rust free 88 FJ62, best route for long term value, H55F or LS swap?

    My vote is for a 5 speed. I’ve heard it wakes up an FJ62 a lot. Of course I dream about V8 swaps all day long and I already have a 5 speed (with my 2F). My Dad has a place in Eagle River, and my grandma lives in Marquette. I should be up in ER after the 4th of July. I want to take the 60 but...
  16. klinetime574

    Heavy-Duty Steering Arms

    I personally don’t understand the need for larger diameter rods, but IIRC Man-A-Fre sells some “heavy duty” replacements (that use stock rod ends).
  17. klinetime574

    My mirrors are different

    Does it say Toyota on the bracket too? Or just the mirror housing? I’ve never seen a Toyota mirror with that style of mount.
  18. klinetime574

    Desmogged Tuning

    OSS and 1911 definitely have some solid advice. I’d check into both of those things, especially the heat control valve. @OSS Interesting you say that about not running 87. I’ve always run that besides some ethanol free 91 when I get it, and on drive the other day I topped off with about 16...
  19. klinetime574

    Ordering a carb kit.

    Carb looks original to me. I’d suggest to order a carb kit from @cruiseroutfit On their website you can also find information about identifying the age of your carb. 4 digit code stamped somewhere on the air horn IIRC
  20. klinetime574

    Champion Cooling Radiator + Forum Sellers

    I’ve thought about that and I honestly don’t think you’d get more than what a proper rebuild costs. Maybe in 20 years when these are worth more money and people want period correct restorations? Who knows
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