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  1. Cruiser Jimmy

    For Sale  CO - 2F Block heater 50mm

    I have a 50 mm block heater for sale. Bought it from Spectre never installed it. $55 and I pay shipping.
  2. Cruiser Jimmy

    For Sale  CO - 2F pushrods

    I have 62 of pushrods for sale. Buyer pays shipping cost. Price is 15 bucks for all.
  3. Cruiser Jimmy

    For Sale  CO 2F distributor

    I have a 2F distributor for sale, comes with everything you see here. Please note the secondary diaphragm does not work for high altitude environments. Primary does. Buyer pays shipping cost. Price is $45.
  4. Cruiser Jimmy

    For Sale  Grand Junction CO - 2F push rods

    Six pushrods for sale for a 2F. Buyer pays shipping. $20
  5. Cruiser Jimmy

    For Sale  Grand Junction CO -FJ60 power steering pump. Rebuilt.

    I rebuilt a power steering pump for an FJ 60 with a NAPA kit. The shaft shows no signs of wear from the front seal which is why I am placing it on the market and not throwing it away. Please note I didn’t use a stock Toyota O-ring for the reservoir to the pump. If you want a Toyota o ring please...
  6. Cruiser Jimmy

    For Sale  Grand Junction, CO - 3FE Main Bearing and Thrust bearing.

    I have a set of 3FE main bearing @ .25mm over, and thrust bearing up for sale. Clevite - made in Japan. Buyer pays shipping with USPS flat rate box @ about $15. Price: $25 for both.
  7. Cruiser Jimmy

    owners of Method Rims on you J200 Question

    My 200 has a set of Method rims on it, 305 NV. As they didn’t come with lug nuts I found a set and put them on. (As you’re aware, the designs are different between the two.) When I took the stock rims and lugs off I noticed that the lugs had 10 revolutions to it before it started to seat On...
  8. Cruiser Jimmy

    SOLD  Grand Junction CO FJ60/62 NIB shackles front and rear.

    I have a complete set of front and rear shackles for an FJ 60/62 for sale. These are new in box, never installed. Sourced from I will pay for shipping via USPS flat rate box. $75 for the set.
  9. Cruiser Jimmy

    SOLD  Grand Junction,CO - H42 transmission

    Selling my H42 from my ‘83 FJ60. I converted to an H55 and it’s been sitting around the house for years. Tail shaft is not worn. Buyer pays shipping cost. Price is $250 for the part.
  10. Cruiser Jimmy

    For Sale  [Grand Junction CO] Misc FJ60 Parts for sale '85 < and >

    Brown seat set from an '83. Drivers side has the wear from getting in and out. Front and Back included. $50 Dash (Blue) for an '87. Two long cracks and small minor ones. Cap and structure are separately sold if needed. $50 Steering wheel support from the '87. $5 2F metal hose assemble. $35...
  11. Cruiser Jimmy

    5VZ Manual needed

    Rebuilding the girlfriends 1996 4Runner 3.4. Anyone have a good FSM that I might borrow. Thanks
  12. Cruiser Jimmy

    Pennzoil 0W-20

    So I did an oil change with Pennzoil 0W-20 a couple months ago and everything went fine with the change. My career has me gone for up to two months or three months at a time. I come home on quick down periods and then head back to work. Here's the situation I found. When I came back from...
  13. Cruiser Jimmy

    For Sale  GJ,CO FJ60 rear driveshaft. (‘84 and below)

    I have a spare driveshaft that I do not need and is up for sale. It is for an 84 and below FJ 60. The driveshaft measures from tip to approximately middle of u-joint, 40 1/4 inches. I do not have the flanges on either end nor the u-joints. $75 plus shipping cost.
  14. Cruiser Jimmy

    For Sale  GJ,CO. Front 80 series floor mats

    I have a driver and passenger front floormat for an 80 series. I do not have the rear passenger floor mat. Pretty good condition, light stain on passenger on front. $35 plus shipping. SOLD!
  15. Cruiser Jimmy

    For Sale  Misc ‘85 FJ60 parts from a restoration

    Making room in my garage and need to get rid of this box. Interior color was blue. The wiring harness is from a V8 conversion. There are some connectors that of been altered. Complete wiring harness along with everything you see there is 20 bucks. Everything else is five dollars. Or...
  16. Cruiser Jimmy

    For Sale  FJ60 Radiator Grand Junction,CO

    Fellas I’m clearing out the garage and getting rid of some stuff. Selling an extra radiator I have. As a disclaimer it does have a very very small leak. I’ve never seen a drip after sitting but while under pressure does get moist in the third photo as you can see. Letting it go for 50...
  17. Cruiser Jimmy

    First Oil Change

    Okay. So I bought the 200 with 163k on the odometer. My scheduled oil change was at 167k. Since it was the holiday season and I was running around the country I went a little over on the milage. Did the oil change today and saw the below result of some accumulated water on the underside of the...
  18. Cruiser Jimmy

    Cummins to Offer Create Engines to Market

    Copied from the 80 Section. Give Cummins a push Link and voting here for a 6cyl or 4cyl Cummins Repower Survey - Cummins Engines
  19. Cruiser Jimmy

    The North Face 60 T-Shirt

    Just throwing it out there. MEN'S SHORT-SLEEVE OFF ROAD TRI-BLEND TEE | United States
  20. Cruiser Jimmy

    For Sale  Clearing out the garage, bunch of stuff + e-locker. Grand Junction, CO

    Hey all, First, lets wish Woody good luck at Hammer '17 tomorrow. There is a entire community wishing he will be victorious. I am clearing out my garage of all unused parts. Items are listed with all pictures. As stuff gets sold the details will go away. Buy pays shipping cost also if needed...
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