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  1. GWcruiser

    COVID-19 chat

    The hideous part of this bug is you are contagious before you can know it; and for up to 9 days after you are "cured." The six foot rule helps, and being in separate vehicles helps. You'll be touching fuel pumps who knows who have handled, and where those hands have been: sanitizer a must...
  2. GWcruiser

    Off Roading in Style

    My next Off-Road vehicle? This may to old for some of you but I just came across this and it looks intriguing.
  3. GWcruiser

    Oil Filter

    Simple question, but seriously, three for three Toyota factory filter, Bosch and Fram filters don't fit. My oil filter is 2.5 inches tall; all of the replacements I have are 3 inches tall, including the factory filter I got from Toyota ... lmao. And no, my filter didn't shrink. Toyota Genuine...
  4. GWcruiser

    Mom & Pop Diners

    Anyone have suggestions for smallish Mom & Pop breakfast diners south of I-84 / Overland, between Meridian and Boise ? Lots of small strip malls, but it seems to be a dead zone for affordable morning eateries. Plenty of lunch spots, but haven't seen breakfast restaurants - thinking they...
  5. GWcruiser

    Waht happened to FJC Forum?

    Looks like the forum moved from the group forums to the Tech forums? Why the demotion?
  6. GWcruiser

    Gobble Gobble ...

    Happy Turkey Day ... This forum has been way too quiet :poof:
  7. GWcruiser

    Popping off an FJ door panel?

    Anyone point me at how to remove an FJ door panel without breaking every rivet stud keeping it there? Recommended rivet tool, parts needed to reattached, etc. Hmm ... ignore that. Just found a video of a guy doing the job. Seems the FJ door panel is attached just like my 1963 Mercury Comet...
  8. GWcruiser

    Battery shopping ...

    and came across this perfect fit (size wise) for my FJ: ProLED 80D26L 12.8V LiFePO4 80Ah 1300 CCA...
  9. GWcruiser

    Magruder Corridor

    Anyone have personal experience with this route?
  10. GWcruiser


    Just a post to keep things moving here. Really need more people to say hello and get the mass up to critical so we can plan day trips or longer.
  11. GWcruiser

    FJC Lightbar wiring route

    Anyone know or can point to the proper routing of wires for a rack mounted lightbar? Pretty clear the grommets allow wires to be run into and down the rack to channels in the roof, down a corner pillar under thr trim; but from there where do the OEM wires head? Into the engine compartment or...
  12. GWcruiser

    FJC - Stock Front Spring Query

    I'm trying to explain why my FJ sags driver side after swapping shocks (kept the OEM springs). A person just informed me of the stiffer driver side spring ... and I'm trying to confirm and learn how to figure out if indeed the dealer swaped sides on me. Anyone have personal experience with OEM...
  13. GWcruiser

    Delya Posts

    Finding I am doing a LOT of the odd typing in my posts lately and I haven't determined whether it's my fingers or my keyboard ... I suspect a brain to finger connection issue. I know - that's what preview is for, but seems that isn't working for me. Major typos still get through. Is there a...
  14. GWcruiser

    Getting old - need thoughts

    Okay - for starters want to be clear not looking for sympathy - rather - if anyone has been through this and has words of advice: Neurologists say my back - lumbar vertebre bones; discs; and muscle attachments are failing - they have been since about 1985 when I self mixed about 100 bags of...
  15. GWcruiser

    Apologies for Off-Topic

    But I really tried to find a better spot to post this. I am impressed with the range of knowledge contained within this group. So when I decided to dump all my old vinyl LP's, and saw nothing in Google that looked like record shops where selling in bulk or even consignment would be possible, it...
  16. GWcruiser

    FJ Cruiser Automatic Mod ?

    Hi - anyone ever find a way to disable OVERDRIVE in their FJC? Seems to me 90% of the hunting I encounter could be avoided by simply disabling OD so the truck stays in 5th. Going to 4th works, but sucks gas and is noisy. 5th seems perfect until it kicks in the OD. Earlier rigs had a OD off...
  17. GWcruiser

    Canceling a reply to a post...

    Is there a way to cancel a reply to a post ? I hit reply by accident - and the posting window popped up; I tried BACK; looked for CANCEL and DELETE, etc., but everytime I visit that thread my incomplete reply is still sitting there. Or do I POST an enpty reply then delete it?
  18. GWcruiser

    Start Saving Money!

    I want one! Not necessarily for the 3D Occulus glasses, but for a record of a trail? Imagine one on a short post just over the driver. This site is French ... but since they aren't shipping...
  19. GWcruiser

    Permit Hell

    I was interested in going on a posted run, but found I needed a special permit... not good late on a Friday when teh run is that Sunday. But it got me thinking about all the licenses, permits, and fee tags a person needs here in Arizona... I can't go because I don't have my hall pass from...
  20. GWcruiser


    So I was thinking a slightly brighter headlamp might be worth a few bucks. So I purchased a pair of Sylvania Silverstar Ultra lamps. I replaced the OEM Osram Bilux 3700K bulbs, which have 13000 miles on them. But - to see if the money bought anything, I actually measured the peak headlight...
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