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  1. DeckerT4R

    For Sale  Rear Coil spring spacer trail tailer 30mm 40+ship NEW

    Bought these from Trail Tailer for the rear of my 200. Never installed them. They are brand new.
  2. DeckerT4R

    For Sale  Jowett Oil filter kit and 2 TRD oil filters $90+ship

    Selling my Jowett metal oil filter housing cover with fuomoto drain valve and tool for removal & install. I actually have 2 of them. I bought this in the original group buy and jowett didn't like the initial runs threads so he sent me a second one. Im selling both of them, so you'll get the new...
  3. DeckerT4R

    PDC sensor size question...need help

    Hey guys. My steel rear bumper has cutouts for the pdc sensors but they are too large for the sensor retainers. I have a 2013 LX and the part number on the sensor (89341-33190) says it matches 13-15 LC as well. I was curious if the sensor itself was larger on the older ones or if the retainer...
  4. DeckerT4R

    Mods. What to do first....or 5th

    So it looks like the wife and I are headed to Colorado/Utah next month for some vacation time away. We want to do some wheeling while we are there but its a long haul back to GA. Its got me thinking about Armor. I want it all of course but funds and things do play a part. So I debate what to do...
  5. DeckerT4R

    For Sale  Lx570 factory roof rack

    Looking to see if anyone is interested in my factory roof rack off my 2013 LX. I'm thinking like $40 plus shipping. Feel free to make me an offer. I'm in dawsonville,ga. I'd love someone to get it locally and save me the hassle of shipping. It's overall in very good shape. All the clips are...
  6. DeckerT4R

    Fabricator near ATL?

    Looking into sliders for my there any vendors on here anywhere close to ATL? I don't DD my lx so you can have it for a week or whatever you need. I rather not have to replace my side panels for the upcoming slee setup but we shall see, maybe that's the only viable option. Thanks!
  7. DeckerT4R

    Winch Option industrial vs recovery...need a quick answer

    Anyone know if using an industrial winch is any different from a recovery winch? I found a deal on an industrial winch just curious if that works or no? A feel like a winch is a winch is a winch but i could be totally wrong.
  8. DeckerT4R

    Spring Rates - list em up

    I thought it might be a good idea to have a place where everyone could list the spring rates of various suspension kits you're all running for those of us in the market. If we could list the stock values as well that would be great. I see them listed in random threads...or maybe this already...
  9. DeckerT4R

    Prestigious Society the only bypass option?

    Thats all, I was about to order the prestigious society bypass kit so i can use maps while moving. Is that still the only option for this?
  10. DeckerT4R

    Auxiliary switch panels....I wanna see pics!

    Title explains it. I want to see pics of auxiliary switches in a 200 for lights, winchs, OBA, whatever you're running. Debating where to put one. I like the Tundra one that uses the sunglass holder but as I wear glasses and this stupid thing only has a spot for one pair, I hate to use that. Has...
  11. DeckerT4R

    Why does every bumper look the same?

    Why does every winch bumper look exactly the same? Ok ok, the VPR is different and ARB is just slightly different, but TJM, IRONMAN, Dobinson, etc look identical. Are these all the same and are just being rebadged? are these all just Chinese knockoffs with a different sticker on them? I...
  12. DeckerT4R

    For Sale  (2) 17" Rock Warriors

    I couldn't find a single rock warrior for a spare for less than $400. Soooo I bought another full set. I am keeping 2 for spares, and selling the other two. I am thinking $250 a pop + shipping or I can meet anywhere around the north side of Atlanta. They are not perfect but in good shape. I...
  13. DeckerT4R

    LX570 AHC height modifications (lift it!)

    Ive been searching around and have read mention of people adjusting the AHC to set the truck height higher but I haven't seen any tutorial about it. I looked under the truck at the sensors and it looks like there is room for adjustment. I am really just hoping to raise the front end to remove...
  14. DeckerT4R

    Wanted  1 Rock Warrior for spare

    Looking for (1) 5 lug rock warrior to have as a spare. Let me know..
  15. DeckerT4R

    LX570 roof rack options

    Hey all... I am currently hunting for a roof rack for my LX. I have been in contact with a bunch of the rack manufacturers and none of them can give me a definitive answer if their 200 series roof racks will work on the LX. Has anyone installed one on their LX, and if so which one? Thanks all...
  16. DeckerT4R

    Keyless Entry Questions??????

    I have a 98 4Runner SR5 4X4 5Speed. My keyless entry remote has 3 buttons on it, unlock, lock, and a green button (what does the green button do?). Also what does the red push button on the dash do? Is that for valet mode? I like my horn to beep when i lock or unlock the car, but sometimes it...
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