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  1. Dudleyfj40

    Tall Corn 2020

    How all is going this year?
  2. Dudleyfj40

    MUDShip  Delete Please

    I have some FST Bows and Doors I need delivered from Cedar Rapids to Indy.
  3. Dudleyfj40

    For Sale  Iowa: 1966 FJ40 Tub Camper

    I have a Camper I built out of a 40 tub. I'm downsizing my toys and I only use this once a year. I have no idea what this worth, I just know I have lots of blood and sweat in it. RTT not included. $6000? obo
  4. Dudleyfj40

    Sold by one of our own.
  5. Dudleyfj40

    Events/Trails  Tall Corn Cruiser Classic 2019

    Jeez, two weeks left till the event. Roll call on food. I have chips.
  6. Dudleyfj40

    For Sale  1997 FZJ80 216k Black w/Tan interior 3X Locked SOLD

    We drove to Southern Missouri to get this a couple of years ago. It was for my son, he has decided to get into the car world. To be honest it is too nice of a rig for a high school driver anyway. No leaks, no codes, rides and drives great! $10,000 obo PM if interested
  7. Dudleyfj40

    Any pick and pull fans want to get a part for me in Kent WA?

    I have a Corvette that I had handed down to me from my dad. After fixing multiple issues from the PO (DAD), I now need a steering column that I found at Bindord Metals. They won't pull and ship. I thought I would reach out to my LC family to help me out. Thanks!
  8. Dudleyfj40

    Wanted  Rust free Black Hood for 1997 FZJ80

    I'm looking for a good black hood for Betty, it has two small spots in the front. Hopefully I can find one close, or in the Midwest.
  9. Dudleyfj40

    FJ40 Wheel Visualizer

    While on my pursuit of upgrading my wheels and tires on my 40, I found a good website to select different wheels to see what they look like. Not affiliated at all. Pretty nice looking Land Cruiser they use. Funny you can't select earlier years than 82, but, the picture they use is an early...
  10. Dudleyfj40

    Sad day for the Land Cruiser world.

    A death in the family
  11. Dudleyfj40

    Wanted  Large bolt pattern Knuckle bottom king pins 2ea.

    Through the process of moves, I have lost both of the bottom king pin plates. Number 23 in the pix. I'm not 100% on the year, just that they are large bolt pattern. Thanks!
  12. Dudleyfj40

    Tall Corn Cruiser Classic (Official Thread)

    When: August 24TH to August 26th 2018 Where: Make It Or Break It (MIOBI) Wheeling Grounds Located on Highway 5, just north of Lovilia and just west of Hamilton, Iowa (South Central Iowa),-92.9208591,442m/data=!3m1!1e3 Cost (register at event): $35 Event...
  13. Dudleyfj40

    Tall Corn Cruiser Classic 2018

    Ok, here we are a little over three months out. Lets get those vendors called!!!!
  14. Dudleyfj40

    What paint code is this? 74 FJ55

    It has been resprayed white. I want to know what the original color is. I see the 266, when I search comes back with an olive color. Hoping it is that with the beige upper. Thanks!
  15. Dudleyfj40

    Wanted  SRS Airbag controller 96 FZJ80

    I can't for the life of me get this light to reset. It was my daughters cruiser and I can't remember if the light was on when I bought it or when it came on. I see there is a place on Ebay that resets a collision code on it for $40. Gonna try a different one instead. Thanks
  16. Dudleyfj40

    TCCC 2018 Prep and Ideas

    Never too soon to start on next years event. Let's get some ideas and start on calling vendors to make our raffle as good as it used to be. We will have a fall/winter meeting to get the dates and stuff laid out. We need some Ideas on where this meeting should be.
  17. Dudleyfj40

    Any long range shooters here?

    As you all know I am a gun nut, well, I have been messing around with long range shooting, 400, 600 and 800 yards. Well, recently I was shooting with a friend and he said it would be cool if he could find a mile range to shoot at. My 800 yard target was half way in a two mile section, with my...
  18. Dudleyfj40

    Metallica! Who's going?

    Is anyone going to Metallica? I'm gonna be there, maybe meet up.
  19. Dudleyfj40

    For Sale  Early Wiper Assembly

    Left over from build. Non working. This has wires off the brushes and motor bolts missing. Rubber spacers included. $80 shipped CONUS
  20. Dudleyfj40

    For Sale  2F Saginaw power steering pump mount

    Did not end up needing in my build. $50 shipped CONUS
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