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  1. afgman786

    Daily funny pics

  2. afgman786

    200 series picture thread

    There's some fun trails in northern GA.. grew up in Gwinnett and still go down when I can to visit family.
  3. afgman786

    Ophir/Engineer/Mineral Creek most excellent Trip Report

    Looks like an awesome trip! Can't wait to get out to CO again and have my LC this time to enjoy some of those views
  4. afgman786

    Coal Mine Cruiser Classic Alternative

    Making me want to head up to PA early in the morning
  5. afgman786

    CMCC Substitute Trip

    That picture says you're definitely having a good time. :cheers: o_O
  6. afgman786

    Another 300-series rumor thread

    I didn't bother mentioning the TRD line up, since they offer a small amount of aftermarket support for Toyota compared to the amount FCA offers with mopar. I mean you can fully modify a HEEP to a proper mall crawler with all the doodads thru mopar under warranty.
  7. afgman786

    200 series picture thread

    +50 is the offset on RWs, you are correct on that being the factory size option from Toyota.
  8. afgman786

    Another 300-series rumor thread

    Don't know if that's true.. FCA has their Mopar department for a huge amount of aftermarket accessories for their vehicles. Doesn't Ford also have their performance department for aftermarket accessories?
  9. afgman786

    Running Fog Independent of Headlight

    I've swapped mine over to LED bulbs and happy with it. I got mine of Amazon, company is CougarMotor. They offer a "fog light/DRL" which won't be as bright. But if you get the driving light like this you'll have a lot of light output compared to their fog version. CougarMotor H11
  10. afgman786

    Does anyone have a Tongue Weight Scale I could borrow? Maybe some advice?

    Been reading all the tongue weight threads in the 200 section I'm guessing and making you second guess?
  11. afgman786

    Daily funny pics

  12. afgman786

    2016 Land Cruiser 200 oil level dilemma.

    I have the opposite. Just did oil change for the 2nd time, did 7.5qts and I'm over the full line...
  13. afgman786

    Colorado 4x4 trails by Ouray and Lake City with Yokohama Geolander A/T G015

    Jeez thats long! Definitely see why you wouldn't air down. If you don't want to spend $300+ for an ARB, VIAR has a solid compressor that cost me around 150ish I want to say. Timed it the most recent time I was out and took 3mins to go from 20 to 42.
  14. afgman786

    Superior lift kit

    If you're new to the 4x4 life, you're better off sticking with no larger than 34s like the others that have ventured into 35s have said. Also sticking with a typical 2.5" lift, when you go into the 4" range you need to worry about panhard bar, brake line extensions, possibly even custom...
  15. afgman786

    200 series camper suggestions?

    The trailer looks more capable than the Nav haha. Did you used to have a off road rig, or the trailer is whats making you want a more capable rig now?
  16. afgman786

    Pretty quiet in here... what are you working on?

    Fair enough... Then I see why you'd call But you have a Lexus and it won't work on a Lexus :rofl:
  17. afgman786

    Pretty quiet in here... what are you working on?

    Why do you even bother calling them when you know they won't sell if for anywhere near the price you can find online from toyota dealerships. I had 1 situation where I called for a part, gave the dude the part number and he said he can't find it. I told him I'm on your online toyota parts site...
  18. afgman786

    Maintenance / repairs on high-mileage 200s

    Radiator is one thing to check if it hasn't already been replaced. A few threads on that here on mud, but the first sign is a hairline crack on top 120k is just being broken in, welcome!
  19. afgman786

    Builds The Big Bad Rad Dad LX Build

    Flextape will hold better... ;)
  20. afgman786

    Considering a 200 Series - Some Questions

    Where there is a will there is a way... I've hauled many items larger than 6' long in the 200. The other week my dad actually used it to haul 16' boards of lumber So yea it's pretty easy to haul with the tailgate down.
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