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  1. mmcinnis

    For Sale Free Brake Hardware

    If it's early ill take it. Thanks, Mike
  2. mmcinnis

    1974 FJ55 Front Turn Signal Question

    So are the late model bases avail? Pricing. Thanks, Mike
  3. mmcinnis

    For Sale Pig in CA

    Is it a nippondenso unit? Mike
  4. mmcinnis

    Scrap steel shenanigans.

    Hell yeah, Ron bring cake. Pig run to the beach!
  5. mmcinnis

    For Sale  Repop pig parts

    I've purchased a couple items from them.for my 25 project. Not bad stuff. Just passing it along. Mike
  6. mmcinnis

    Scrap steel shenanigans.

    Hurricane Michael destroyed my dock. Finally finished all 216ft. During the 1st month of covid.
  7. mmcinnis

    “It’s only an axle swap and a motor swap” aka AK2AL aka Dream Build

    What did you spray that with? High build primer hvlp? Thanks Looking good. Mike
  8. mmcinnis

    Builds 1960 FJ28L - Project Lara

    Remember mine was swapped with an early 64 or so fj40 front axle. When I swapped the front pumpkin from @Cruiser_Nerd I found that the axle housing later model had larger diff studs in diameter. I had to slightly drill out the 25 long pumpkin to fit. Looks 25 but its a hybrid. Check your studs...
  9. mmcinnis

    Pig Picture Album

    I love mine! Can't wait to pull behind the pig.
  10. mmcinnis

    I just got the deal of a lifetime

    Wow, go expo camping for a week and all this happens. Lol. Everyone likes pics.
  11. mmcinnis

    A sad story in pigland

    Sent a pm, could use tail lights. Mike
  12. mmcinnis

    Kutsnake North America sales and service

    PMd ya! Thanks Mike
  13. mmcinnis

    Iron Pig Offroad Sliders

    I bet if you called Lance @IPOR he would make you a set. Mike
  14. mmcinnis

    1974 FJ55 Front Turn Signal Question

    Whats the price for. Set. Thanks, Mike
  15. mmcinnis

    Builds 1960 FJ28L - Project Lara

    Great scores, it took me forever to round up 5 wheels 1 at a time. Mike
  16. mmcinnis

    SOLD New oem fj40/fj55 fuel pump

    good deal! Mike
  17. mmcinnis

    SOLD 1964 FJ45P-B parts book

    Well, put me 2nd in line. Thanks, Mike
  18. mmcinnis


    I'm in the Destin area. Truck looks great. Mike
  19. mmcinnis

    Daily drive 71 55 build up

    Bitchin! Mike
  20. mmcinnis

    Builds Fly By Night

    Love the D. Gore u bolt flip kits. look great! Reminds me I should probably install mine 1 day!
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