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  1. CV Kurt

    Replacement Heim Joint for Toytec Rear UCA

    So got a bad Heim Joint on a Toytec "Fully Adjustable Rear DOM UCA" (ADJ-FJRUCA).... got a call in to their support to see what the proper replacement part is for heim joint. I originally purchased this as part of a complete rear adjustable link kit. I hate to have to replace both arms due to...
  2. CV Kurt

    FS: Used OEM Hitch for FJC

    Fits 2007-2014 FJ Cruiser. Best hitch for stock bumper, 5K rated, great departure angle. Hardware in good shape. Even if you don't have a trailer, great for providing a rear recover point via D-Ring receiver. Comes with black bumper trim piece. A used version of...
  3. CV Kurt

    NV Native Trout Hunt

    Today I'll pack my FJC up in prep for my solo NV Native Trout Hunt, heading out early Sunday morning, :steer: by 4AM. The target trout list includes: * Bonneville Cutthroat, found in creeks in and near Great Basin N.P. in White Pine county. * Yellowstone Cutthroat, found in a Goose Creek and...
  4. CV Kurt

    Garmin Inreach Mini

    I've been looking at getting a 2-way satellite messenger for a while now... but didn't like the bulk/weight of the Garmin InReach SE+/Explorer+ models or even the older DeLorme models. I wanted something that was small/light enough that I'd have little excuse to leave it behind while fly fishing...
  5. CV Kurt

    Satellite messengers?

    So I'm thinking of getting a satellite messenger... mainly to keep my wife from worrying too much when I'm fly fishing solo in lonely and rugged places. I've been looking at both the SPOT Gen3 and the Garmin InReach Explorer+/SE+... The SPOT, aside from being fairly low power (which won't be...
  6. CV Kurt

    Red Band Hunt

    Tomorrow I'm off on a hunt for three native Northern California Redband Trout... part of my effort catch all 11 catchable native trout in their native drainages. After this trip I should have enough of the 11 to qualify a California Heritage Trout certificate from CDFW. I'll be using this...
  7. CV Kurt

    FJC used parts for sale

    All parts are OEM, pulled off my 2010 FJC Trail Teams edition. They should fit most any year FJC. For local pickup only. I'll give locals a couple of weeks to call dibs before posting up to other boards. Rear Bumper Hitch (Class 3) with "blacked out" bumper valence piece. Good condition...
  8. CV Kurt

    Hobart Reservoir / Ash Canyon Road

    Anybody know if Ash Canyon Road is passable all the way to the Hobart Creek trailhead? When I drop down from Reno a week ago, looked like there was still plenty of snow on the road as it cut across the ridge line before going into the aspen grove near the top. Last night we got what looks like...
  9. CV Kurt

    Ham Radio License Exams 11/21

    FYI... -- Kurt The Comstock Amateur Radio Association, K7AN, W5YI Team, will conduct Amateur radio Examinations for Technician, General and Amateur Extra Class. Place: *Regional Emergency Operations Center, 5195 Spectrum Blvd, Reno, NV. Date: Saturday, November 21st, 2015 Time: 11 a.m to 2...
  10. CV Kurt

    FJ Skid story

    So, as I noted in the May run thread, a broke off a stock welded on frame nut. I figured out how this happened. The after-market skid is designed to be mounted flush across the main crossbar. But only the center portion of the cross bar is flat. The weld on nuts are on the outer portion...
  11. CV Kurt

    Get your Amateur Radio ticket!

    SIERA (Carson City) and SNARS (Reno) together host exams monthly, alternating between Silver State Charter High School in Carson City and the Regional Emergency Operations Center in Reno. * Next in Carson: 17 May * Next in Reno: 21 June For a complete schedule and details, see...
  12. CV Kurt

    Get your ham ticket!

    SIERA (Carson City) and SNARS (Reno) together host exams monthly, alternating between Silver State Charter High School in Carson City and the Regional Emergency Operations Center in Reno. * Next in Reno: 15 Feb * Next in Carson: 15 March For a complete schedule and details, see...
  13. CV Kurt


    Put a Toytec adjustable coil-over kit up front (uses existing Bilstein 5100s) and Superflex springs in the back. Trying to keep it 2" inches to keep the strain on the drive train to a minimum. Completely cured the nose dive I had since adding the bumper and winch. Also did a body mount chop...
  14. CV Kurt

    FJ Cruiser :: 2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser

    FJ Cruiser :: 2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser (2011-02-13 09:46:21)
  15. CV Kurt

    Eldorado Forest court decision

    Court Releases Final Decision on Eldorado National Forest Lawsuit | BlueRibbon Coalition
  16. CV Kurt

    Trail Runs

    It would be cool to put together another ghost camp/town run, like last year's Bass Camp run. Maybe something in between (Sweetwater/Bodie area?).
  17. CV Kurt

    broke rear door hydraulic arm

    Was up out fishing today and parked leaning towards the drivers side. Opening the door once I mistaken let the rear door swing open without holding onto the door. Ripped the ball out of the ball & socket joint at the door. The ball piece when flying as I couldn't find it. Anyone know what...
  18. CV Kurt

    WTB (2) 16" Toyota OEM Rims for FJC

    For a trailer build, I'm looking for 2 (possibly 3) of 16x7.5 Toyota OEM rims for FJ Cruiser I can get on the cheap. As I'm going to rattle can the rims black anyways, I don't care much about present color or minor scratches. If you have a set you don't mind splitting up, drop me a note. With...
  19. CV Kurt

    Ham Exam 12/11

    I'll be coming up to Reno this Saturday to take the general exam. Others have commented that they might also take one of the exams. If there are other cruisers' there, maybe we can have a celebratory lunch afterwards. I suggest the new Great Basin Brewing Company pub in Reno (5525 S...
  20. CV Kurt

    Got my ham ticket, now what?

    I aced the tech exam this morning. :bounce: Now looking at what radio to get. Plan on taking the general exam in a couple of weeks. This I intend to use it mostly for trail communication. What bands/modes are used by BBCNN'ers during trail rides? 2m simplex? Would be nice to be also...
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