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  1. Paul DiNapoli

    diesel swap question

    calling all 60 series owners that have done a 12HT or 1HDT swap... i posted this question over in the diesel tech forum - tons of views - no replies. (for what it's worth - i've posted several questions in that forum and no one ever replies)...
  2. Paul DiNapoli

    diesel swap exhaust question

    i've got an 88 FJ62 that I'm planning to swap out the original 3FE for a 1HDT next spring after some major home improvement projects are behind me. my wife asked a question: will the diesel swap make the truck smelly. (fair question) my guess is yes? these are not catalyzed modern clean...
  3. Paul DiNapoli

    roof rack - awning - other stuff

    figured i’d share a fun “upcycle” project. i work in tech. my company was moving out of some leased cage space from a rack space type of company. Vendor expects all our stuff out of their cage before billing we disassembled the rack equipment, server cabinets, etc... turns out...
  4. Paul DiNapoli

    steering stabilizer - real time help

    is there any chance this end of the steering stabilizer where it connects to the frame is a threaded connection? i’ve been beating the sheeite out of it to no avail. odd too cuz for the rest of my truck i’ve yet to find anything seized or frozen stuck. maybe this is threaded together? or its...
  5. Paul DiNapoli

    amayama part inquiry

    2 part question 1: I'd like to totally disassemble my rear doors - pull the door cards, clean everything up - new weather strip, etc... and while i'm there I want to take all the glass out - replace the corner window glass (for some reason my glass is pretty scratched up) and at the same time...
  6. Paul DiNapoli

    city racer rear hatch weatherstrip / tailgate question

    wondering if anyone else has changed out all their old worn out weather stripping with city racer seals - and had issues getting the rear hatch to close correctly? i did all the seals on the rear hatch with city racer reproductions - and the fit/quality is superb...but my only complaint is now...
  7. Paul DiNapoli

    a mild rant @broadway toyota

    any time I need cruiser parts I at least give Broadway Toyota (Portland Oregon) a call - my impulsiveness and poor planning often means I want the parts right that I might be able to do a cruiser project on a I'm willing to pay a little more to get it local same day or...
  8. Paul DiNapoli

    arb awning inquiry

    looking to purchase an ARB (or other brand) awning to provide for shade on several road trips planned this summer. just a general inquiry for anyone that has purchased/installed one of the ARB awnings...anyone care to share long term owner review info? clearly they seem pretty reasonably...
  9. Paul DiNapoli

    gear oil opinions

    I've got about 1500 miles on my brand new H55 now - and want to drain the fluid and refill, and while I'm at it install the new hex head plugs from valley hybrids First thought seeking opinions: i'm going to try royal purple synthetic gear oil - per recommendation from fellow mudder. my H55...
  10. Paul DiNapoli

    goodies from valley hybrids!

    front axle rebuild kit 54mm hub socket marlin crawler inner seals qty 8 - of the low profile hex head drain & fill plugs new speedo cable and a valley hybirds grease rag ...oops - i mean new t-shirt. thanks @orangefj45!! now to decide when the truck goes down for this job. i'm hoping this is...
  11. Paul DiNapoli

    Wanted  FJ62 rear shoulder belts and trim pieces (Brown)

    looking to add 3 point shoulder belts to the rear of my truck...brown interior. need all the parts: belts / receivers / trim pieces thanks paul 503.490.5853
  12. Paul DiNapoli

    For Sale  88 fj62 carpet for sale

    completed h55 swap - installing new dnp carpet kit. my original carpet is up for sale. front and rear passenger areas + back of rear seat and tailgate. pretty good condition. no holes - tears - maybe a few stains on tailgate and wayward dog hair. no cargo area - it was roached and replaced...
  13. Paul DiNapoli

    For Sale  good working A440F for sale

    Just about done with H55 swap so the A440 out of my 88 FJ62 is up for sale. t-case is spoken for...but the transmission needs a home. Landcruiser NW did a full service on it last summer at 250,000 miles. (flush and filter). Transmission shifted smoothly and performed without any issues. Took...
  14. Paul DiNapoli

    H55 reverse lights -- RESOLVED

    5.8.2018 EDIT: while waiting for my drive lines to be modified... so i'm wrapping up the wiring portion of my H55 swap - figured out the reverse lights: i've read this thread numerous times - even printed a copy and brought it under the truck with me Yet Another A440 to H55 Swap With Pics and...
  15. Paul DiNapoli

    H55 going in - real time question

    anyone out there know how to manipulate this beast to stab in? we're's up on a jack... blocked up with wood and such.... just not seeing the clearance magic to get it in. cheers! paul
  16. Paul DiNapoli

    paul dinapoli - H55 swap thread

    going to use this to document my A440 to H55 swap. here's a link to my google spreadsheet i've been using to keep track of parts and such H55F cost sheet Thanks @orangefj45 for many phone calls and the shipment of parts to get me rolling. Josh at Willamette helped me out by doing a t-case...
  17. Paul DiNapoli

    H55 conversion parts question

    hey gang, starting the journey to collect all the parts & pieces to put a 5 speed in my 62. I have the HF55 (the easy part that's orderable) and the whole aisin clutch kit. anyone care to share what kind of prices I should expect to be quoted for things like bell housing, cross member and...
  18. Paul DiNapoli

    yet another h55 / transfer case process inquiry

    so - i'm trying to wrap my head around the sequence of events - and build a project plan to swap an H55 into my 62. i'm in no hurry...this will happen later this year at best. i have someone offering to help who is a great fabricator & i want to take him up on this offer...but...
  19. Paul DiNapoli

    general question - what to call this cargo tied down gear?

    i've come across several images like this and this: what is that cargo tie down stuff called? who sells it? i'd like to add better tie...
  20. Paul DiNapoli

    Found - FJ40

    found objects
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