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  1. BJ74PE

    70 series Soft Top

    Just wanted to share a cool soft top I found while browsing the internet. It doesn't fit my rig but might be of use for other owners and their projects.
  2. BJ74PE

    13BT seal replacement

    Hey there, Ever since I own my BJ74, it has lost a couple drops of engine oil. It wasn't that noticeable at until the last couple of years when a 2-drop pattern as if the leakage came from both rear corners of the oil pan took shape. After cleaning, I came to realize the leak might come from...
  3. BJ74PE

    A/T shifter

    After a complete paint job and reassembly I noticed something might have happened to the shifter in my BJ74 (equipped with A440 transmission, lever positions PRND32L). It is now a little loose when engaged in R, N or D. The lever doesn't stay put, but moves up & down a little. There's no...
  4. BJ74PE

    Wanted  A/T Shifter (A440, PRND32L)

    Looking for A/T shifter, should fit A440 transmission on a BJ74 (PRND32L).
  5. BJ74PE

    BJ74 Rear Axle Swap

    Hi there, I got a BJ74 and have owned it for several years, It all started with the LHD conversion and recently ended up getting a full paint job. Right now I'm swapping some items to finish the conversion and leave at OEM as possible, not including wheels n tires though. Anyway, an...
  6. BJ74PE

    Wanted  70 Series On-dash Inclinometer

    Looking for a 70-series on dash inclinometer (altimeter + front/back & side inclinometer) like the one in the picture below. This part can be found on 1984-1989 LJ7*/BJ* ( part number 83290‑90K02). By the way, I'm currently located in Peru, if any offers arrive pls consider the shipping on...
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