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  1. mdcoa

    No longer urgent—strange sounds on a road trip, 100 series

    100 series on the way back from some camping and off-roading. Driving down 66–bang! Whap whap whap. thought we ran over something and have a flat but it appears to be drivetrain. When jacked u both front where turn fine—no noise from driveshaft, diff, or cv. Thoughts on making it home? Drop...
  2. mdcoa

    Replace Moulding, Quarter Window--the trim at the front of your rearmost window

    1.5 banana job, takes probably 2 hours for the first side, and less for the second, although you'll kind of need to do both at once before your adhesive hardens. Here's the symptom: Tools needed: 14 mm socket for removing rear seatbelts, phillips head screwdriver, torx (T25?) for removing trim...
  3. mdcoa

    SOLD  LX 470 Hitch Support Receiver

    Looking for the lexus hitch support receiver that bolts to the rear crossmember. . . part number 51990-60010. They're available new, but hoping someone who's put on an aftermarket bumper has one he's tripping over regularly and just wants to get rid of so I don't have to spend $150ish. . . One...
  4. mdcoa

    Raingler Nets group buy

    25% off Raingler Nets and barriers--deal was worked out by a guy on the 200 forum, who posted it to the 100 forum today, and I got on. PM me for the code, good til 9 Feb.
  5. mdcoa

    Dual Battery, Redarc charger, and Aux Fuse Panel Install

    Just finished a dual-battery install and haven't seen a similar setup documented here, and had some requests after posting notes in "What have you done to your 100 this week", so here goes: Parts I used: Parts list: Deep Cycle Battery: VMAXMB96 AGM Group 22 Deep Cycle Battery Replacement for...
  6. mdcoa

    SOLD  NC (Moore Co): 2004 LC Side Steps and Wind Deflector: FREE

    Last call before these go on Craigslist free stuff. We've got movers coming soon and I don't want to bring these with us. Free if you can come get 'em. I'm in Southern Pines.
  7. mdcoa

    SOLD  Southern Pines, NC: 1995 Land Rover Discovery Tdi

    Sold! For Sale, 1995 Land Rover Discovery Tdi, ~153k miles on chassis and counting (I drive it one day a week). Asking $7500 New (rebuilt) drivetrain (radiator to transfer case) installed in 2014--300Tdi engine, R380 5-speed manual transmission, and LT230 transfer case (1:1.2 ratio, which is...
  8. mdcoa

    FREE  NC: 2004 LC side steps and hood wind deflector thingmo

    Free—local pick up only. (Southern Pines NC). All in totally fine shape. Can send photos if you would like before you make the drive. Deflector comes with all hardware. PM me here and I’ll send you a phone number so we can link up. Thanks for looking.
  9. mdcoa

    SOLD  5 100 Series wheels and tires

    Located in Southern Pines North Carolina. $400 for everything including 4 hubcaps and 2’lug nuts. Local pickup preferred but willing to take to fastenal or greyhound to ship. Wheels are in good good condition—some have no curb rash at all, some have very minor. The spare tire is pretty much...
  10. mdcoa

    New (to me) '08 LC--and a Climate Control issue

    Long time lurker, relatively new poster, partly because I picked up my first FWD Toyota last night, so didn't have much to post about previously. Bought a southern one-owner truck, super clean inside and out, rust free. 145k miles. New radiator, relatively new water pump. Seems to have been...
  11. mdcoa

    Wanted  WTB: 03-07 LC, stock(ish), rust free

    Updated 11/22: Disregard--found one--thanks!!! Looking for a sub-200k mile southern or western (no-salt state history), mostly or all-stock 100 series LC. Willing to ship if you are (I'd arrange shipment; you'd just have to be there to hand the driver keys and cry into your handkerchief as...
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