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  1. Riviera

    Moab May 19-23

    Going on vacation to Moab towards the end of May. Unfortunately, we will be taking our JL Wrangler and not our LX470 as it's $400 vs $800 in gas. We will be doing mild/easy trails, nothing hardcore. PM if you're interested in wheeling with us.
  2. Riviera

    ELocker Rear Axle Swap-Axle ordered today!

    So I have a 1998 LX470 that I just gone done doing a TON of work on, and it seems cross fingers all is well. So, I've been going back and forth on a locker. Many will say "get a bumper and winch first", but I found an elocker from a 1999 LC for $350, another $150 for shipping to the dealership I...
  3. Riviera

    Timing Belt/90k Service with Radiator & AC Condenser

    in 3,000 miles, I'm performing my Timing Belt Service. It's a 1998 LX470 which will have 220,000 miles at the time of the service. Service records indicate it was last performed at 130,xxx milers. I'm changing the Timing Belt, Timing Belt Tensioner, Tensioner Pulley, Water Pump, Serpentine...
  4. Riviera

    Help!! Need part # for cooling fan relay connector

    I work at a new car dealership, but not a Toyota one. I've called 2 Toyota dealers trying to get the part number for the cooling fan relay electrical connector as mine is disintegrating. I've already got the relay. I guess it's a real pain to look up this connector and was hoping someone here...
  5. Riviera

    HVAC Control Head & Blower Motor

    1998 Lexus LX470 with factory radio (pre-nav) and digital readout/automatic climate control. So, about 3 weeks ago, I started my car to let it warm up as it was -10 and let it run for about 15 minutes. When I climbed in to go to work, I realized the fan wasn't blowing. I played with the fan...
  6. Riviera

    Factory Locker Swap

    First of all, "Yes I did search extensively". I've got a shot at rear axle assembly with rear locker, for less than $400. It will have a 1 year parts only warranty (standard salvage yard warranty) and I will be having a Jeep dealership I used to work at install it (they lifted my LX and the...
  7. Riviera

    Removable Barrier behind 1st row?

    I read several threads on barriers, but none had the info I was looking for. My wife and I often travel alone, and right now we're in the process of moving. Any recommendations for a removable barrier to use when the 2nd row is folded forward all the way? I've looked at a few but I'm worried...
  8. Riviera

    Milwaukee meetup?

    Anyone interested in a Milwuakee meetup, like a "Cruisers and coffee" deal? I've got my eyes on a couple places that might work. Nothing huge, just a little get together. Probably a Sunday morning.
  9. Riviera

    CB Antenna 102" hold down

    I'm installing a 102" whip CB antenna on my LX and I'm using a hold down mounted on the roof rack, but I'd really like less arc to it. While I can slip the antenna farther through the hold down, I believe the wind will slide it to it's current position. Any ideas?
  10. Riviera

    Aftermarket wheel without spacer?

    I did extensive searching, but I need some help here, my factory wheels are toast. I need to order new wheels and tires for my 1998 LX. I don't really want to use spacers, so I'm wanting aftermarket wheels. I'm looking at a 275/70R18 tire. So I'm looking for a backspacing and offset...
  11. Riviera

    Finally time to lift my LX470

    I've been following mud for a couple years now, and this past June I finally found a good deal on a 1998 LX470. It had a bouncy ride, but I figured I'd live with it until it was time to lift. The ride progressively got bouncier and bouncier. About 2 months ago, the AHC system finally failed and...
  12. Riviera

    Finally got my Hundy in Illinois

    I've been reading this forum for over a year, searching autotrader and searchtempest, trying to find the perfect overlanding vehicle. Sure, I originally wanted a fully locked 80, but after reading so many posts about how great the 100s drive, I started looking more closely. One special vehicle...
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