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  1. Papalud

    Know anyone who can inspect a car in Miami?

    I’m in MS and looking at a vehicle in Miami. Anyone know of a mechanic or mud member who I could pay to go take a look at a vehicle for me? Thanks
  2. Papalud

    For Sale  2" tow hitch for fj60/fj62

    Selling my tow hitch off my FJ62. Great condition. $125 Located in Mississippi 39157
  3. Papalud

    Killing FPRs

    So. Would there be a reason my 62 would be eating Fuel Pressure Regulators? My original one wasn't holing pressure, so I replaced it with a Standard Motor Products one from rockauto. That one didn't hold pressure (tested by my shop), so I found a used one on eBay and it's been working fine for...
  4. Papalud

    Wanted  BFG 33x10.50r15 for spare

    Looking for a BFG AT or MT size 33x10.50r15 for a spare.
  5. Papalud

    Wanted  FJ62 Fuseable link

    Looking for a good condition FJ62 fuseable link, or a not-so-good that could be rebuilt.
  6. Papalud

    Help- need Mechanic in Chattanooga

    Traveling from Jackson MS to NC and stopped in Chattanooga for lunch and noticed pulley noise from under hood- looks like one of the pulleys has seized and belt is shaving off. Any idea of a good mechanic here? Don't want to wild card it. It's a 2001 100series. Thanks!
  7. Papalud

    Great American Roadtrip 2015

    Planning a 3 week road trip to the Pacific Northwest in July. Going across the southwest, up through California, Oregon and Washington, then possibly into Victoria before heading back through Montana. I've done this trip before in college, but this will be the first time doing this route with...
  8. Papalud

    Wanted  Stock tire/wheel for M416 trailer

    Looking for a stock tire and wheel for my M416 trailer. I'm in Jackson, MS.
  9. Papalud

    Wanted  M416 Tire/wheel

    Looking for a stock tire and wheel for my m416 to use as a spare. I'm in Jackson, MS.
  10. Papalud

    Wanted  Tire and wheel for m416

    Looking for a stock wheel and tire for use as a spare on my m416.
  11. Papalud

    Roof rack from Austin to Jackson

    Looking at an ARB roof rack in Austin and checking to see if anyone has any leads on getting it here (or just closer). I'm willing to wait on it for awhile. Thanks.
  12. Papalud

    Wanted  WTB 100 series platform rack.

    Looking for a roof rack for my 100. Let me know what you've got. Must be sturdy enough to stand on and prefer full length. Thanks.
  13. Papalud

    Summer road trip to L.A. and back

    So I've got a job in L.A. on the 10th of July and I've decided to take my boys for an epic southwest road trip. We'll be hitting Carlsbad caverns, Grand Canyon, Canyonlands, Zion, etc. Anybody have any great spots/hidden gems they'd suggest hitting while out there?
  14. Papalud

    Rearview mirror compass

    Well I let my mother borrow my 2001 100 and somehow she came back with the rearview mirror hanging by the wire. I got it back on easy enough, but now the compass shows every direction as S, SE, or E. Any ideas how to reset it or how much of a pain it is to get to the other end of that wire? I...
  15. Papalud

    Wanted  2.5-3" springs for a 62

    Looking for some springs for a FJ 60/62. 2.5" or 3" lift. Not picky of brand, already have shocks.
  16. Papalud

    Wanted  One 100 series third row seat

    Looking for a tan 3rd row seat for a 100 series. Prefer drivers side but will take either. In Mississippi so would need it shipped. Would take set, but only need one and would rather not pay to ship both sides.
  17. Papalud

    Wanted  Center cap for 16" 100 series wheel

    Looking for a center cap for my 16" 100 series wheel.
  18. Papalud

    Wanted  Wheel center cap for 100 series stock 16"

    Looking for the center cap for a stock 16" wheel for my 2001 100 series.
  19. Papalud

    Out of towner-opinions on Toyota of Dallas

    Looking at picking up a 2000 100 series from them and since I'd be coming from out of town, wanted to hear any local opinions on the dealership, who to deal with over there, etc. Thanks!
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