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    Builds 1993 refresh and 1995 build up with new OEM engine

    Beautiful nicely done
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    Builds Snow White HDJ81

    Wow bummer about the least now you'll know it will be done right. You gotta post a few videos once you get it up and running.
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    Official 35" and under!! Post pictures!!

    Totally agree, great thread. I think it is the raptor over black gives less separation and blends in the tire to the body imho
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    Official 35" and under!! Post pictures!!

    What rear bumper do you have? It fits nice
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    What to do with old seats?

    Which motor is that?
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    I got this and it works perfectly!!
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    FREE OEM front bumper (free) Bothell WA

    Yep but we are moving in three weeks and I have to get ride of it before then
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    Builds Project Torn8-O. Combining two vehicles to make one, always the hard way..

    I like the tap button...simple and looks like it could be OEM
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    FREE OEM front bumper (free) Bothell WA

    Sounds good, still have it
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    New Owner: Lofty Goals, only in slightly over my head......

    I use You just need part numbers and should be good to go. Less expensive shipping than partsouq
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    Landcruiser 4wd shirts

    2 more xl here navy and olive
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    FREE  OEM front bumper (free) Bothell WA

    First come first serve. Located in Bothell WA. Local pick up only
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    For Sale  80 series OEM retractable dash cupholder 55620-60010

    As the title said I have a in dash OEM cupholder for sale. Part number 55620-60010. It's in great condition, plastic screw tabs unbroken, rubber perfect, and the face is unmarked. $40 and buyer pays for the ride. PayPal and venmo accepted. Thanks!
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    Builds 1996 Land Cruiser Build - "Kronk"

    Well done sir... you must be pretty happy to have it in.
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    I agree it looks great...I also really like the fact that it's not a common color. Roll with it I say
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    1HD FT or 1HZ in a remote-ish area

    1hdft all day...less miles and if you are worried about parts you can slowly stock up on the important ones.
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Looks nice. How do you like that winch?
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    Builds My first FZJ80

    So very true.
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    In over my head...put on the brakes. Help!

    I'd run the existing rotors...scoring seems pretty minimal.
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