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  1. Krow

    For Sale  1970 FJ55 SoCal

    Hey guys, the time has come to sell my pig. Priced it at 16k because craigslist... I’d love it to go to someone on here if possible so don’t be afraid to offer. It’s not a show truck or restored by any means, but it is a good functioning driver headed in the right direction! Might trade for the...
  2. Krow

    Wanted  Fj60 T-case Shifter Linkage

    Hey guys I bought and installed a 4spd and split case in my fj55 but it did not come with any of the linkage for the t-case other than the shifter itself. I’m located in SoCal but don’t mind paying for shipping either. I’m also looking for a speedo cable receiver(?) not sure what the correct...
  3. Krow

    Wanted  Single FJ40 OEM Steel Wheel

    I am doing a disc brake conversion on my FJ55 and I can no longer use my Rivet Steelies. I've found 3 welded steelies so far and I just need one more to complete my set. Preferably in SoCal, but willing to pay for shipping!
  4. Krow

    Wanted  Please delete

    Please Delete.
  5. Krow

    Trade  Lower Fenders

    Hey guys, I recently picked up my first pig project. I'm going for a more stock style with it and it came with cut lower fenders. I'm hoping to find someone who is in need of more clearance and willing to swap their uncut lowers for my cut lowers. My lowers are very straight with pretty little...
  6. Krow

    For Sale  1988 FJ62

    Hey guys, I am currently selling my FJ62 to make room for my newly acquired FJ55 (priorities....). I was lucky enough to have my rig accepted and posted on Bring a Trailer for auction. I will attach a photo or two, but if interested, please follow the link to the ad. If you have any questions at...
  7. Krow

    For Sale  FJ55 rear bench seat

    I'm picking up some different seats and have no use for this bench anymore. It's in pretty decent shape overall, a little dirty but no tears or rips anywhere. I'm located in SoCal and am looking for local pickup only. I'm asking $250 or possible trade for other misc pig parts! -Tyler
  8. Krow

    Wanted  Factory Bench seat(s)

    Hey guys I'm on the hunt for a pair of pig bench seats. Preferably in decent condition, but I'll see what's out there. I'm located in SoCal! Thanks
  9. Krow

    For Sale  35x12.50r15 on Centerlines

    Hey guys, I picked up another set of wheels and tires for my 62 and no longer need these. They are BFG A/T's and have probably about 40% tread left. They all hold air just fine and the wheels are 15x8 Centerlines. I'm asking $350 picked up for the whole lot or I'll keep the wheels and sell the...
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