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  1. TNOverlander

    Oil Pressure Gauge FIX

    Well, like many on here, I’ve experienced the dead oil pressure gauge in the dash of my 80. While most would probably say, “replace the gauge and move on”, I am really cheap, and felt like taking the dash apart… To give you a little background. My gauge worked when I purchased my 80, and...
  2. TNOverlander

    For Sale  LX450 Parts (springs, steps, bumper cover, hitch)

    SOLD I've got a few parts left over as I have gotten a little further in my build. I'm showing pics before I removed items from vehicle and a few others when I have them available. 1) 4 coil springs (1 set) factory 1997 Lexus LX450: $50 2) Side steps/running boards (have some surface rust...
  3. TNOverlander

    For Sale  5 LX450 OEM Wheels East TN

    Five LX450 wheels in great shape. These wheels were never off-road and look really good. Also comes with 5 center caps that have been recently reconditioned as well. Tires hold air, but are old and cracking badly. I prefer local pickup, but I can have the tires removed and ship if there's...
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