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    HDJ81 Parts - where to buy them?

    Where is the best place to purchase parts and accessories online for my HDJ81 in the United States? Thanks!
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    HDJ81 Loss of power

    Hey everybody, I was cruising at about 40 mph the other day in my HDJ81 and I lost all power. The truck would not go over about 15 or 20 mph. Funny thing, although I had no power, it seemed like it was revving much higher than it should. It sounded like around 1500 to 2000 rpm's, though it...
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    HDJ81 Cruise Control Issues

    I have a 1991 HDJ81 and I'm having cruiser control issues. When I click the cruiser button to engage, the light will turn on. I'll set the cruise at a certain speed and some times it will work, some times it will not. When it does work and the cruise control sets it will only stay set for a...
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    Vehicle stall over 3000 rpms

    I have a 1991 HDJ81. When I rev the vehicle between 3000 and 3500 rpm's for maybe 5 seconds or so the vehicle stalls. Does anyone know why this is happening? This was after I had driven the vehicle for over an hour. Does anyone know why this might be happening? Thanks!
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    Brake Upgrades - Diesel

    Just bought a 1991 HDJ81. Killer truck!! The brakes look fine, but when I put it in 4x4 low and first gear, they will barely stop the vehicle. Any way to beef up the brakes some so that it will stop better or any other suggestions?? Or is this just one powerful 6 cyl turbo diesel?? Any help...
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    I've heard there a lot of parts that are interchangeable from an HDJ81 to a gasoline 80 series. Is this true? How many different parts? Is the transmission the same?
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    Good HDJ81 Diesel Mechanic - Nashville, TN

    Anyone know of a good diesel mechanic in Nashville, TN? Anyone know of a good diesel mechanic that knows Toyota diesel engines or the HDJ81? Thanks!
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    HDJ81 Buyers Guide

    I'm thinking about buying an HDJ81 with 90k miles. It's a limited VX model 4×4 model with a 1HD-T 4.2L turbodiesel engine and an automatic transmission. Anything I should know before buying one or anything I should look for? Are there any major flaws with these trucks? How many miles can I...
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    Cheap, universal catalytic converters

    Has anyone replaced their OEM cats with the cheaper, universal cats on an 80 series Land Cruiser? I have a leaky cat and I'd rather not spend a truck load of money on expensive OEM parts. If I can get away with spending $50 a cat, great. If not, I'll bite the bullet. Does anyone know if it...
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