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  1. bwalker16527

    Landcruiser Museum visit

    I visited my son in Salt Lake City a few weeks ago and insisted that we go to the Landcruiser Museum. Great place and free to visit. Full of beautiful rigs. Recommend if anyone is in SLC.
  2. bwalker16527

    40 steel wheel good low cost option

    I found a low cost 16 inch steel wheel option with a 3.5 inch backspace and 6x5.5 lugs. Vision 40sm-6683 heavy duty truck/trailer wheel. Comes painted silver. I scuffed with scotchbrite and painted rustoleum dark machine gray. Had to grind the calipers a little to get clearance. 5 wheels...
  3. bwalker16527

    Anyone know what this mystery item is?

    Anyone know what this mystery item is in the center of the picture? Have one of these on both sides of hardtop interior above the side windows. Don't know what this is for. Any ideas? 1974 FJ40 hardtop.
  4. bwalker16527

    Buying Bilstein Shocks?

    Has anyone bought any Bilstein shocks lately. I tried to buy front and rear 4600s from 4 Wheel Parts in Feb and they kept extending the target delivery date. I canceled in April when the delivery date reached July. I tried to buy in April from Summit who showed they were in stock but same...
  5. bwalker16527

    Refurbish turn signal switch?

    Has anyone refurbished a turn signal switch? If so is there a write-up?
  6. bwalker16527

    Portland OR Cars and Coffee?

    Any Portland, OR area 40's go to Cars and Coffee in Wilsonville? Never been, just curious?
  7. bwalker16527

    FREE  FJ55 rear heater parts free

    FJ55 rear heater parts, great condition. Top, bottom and clips - free to good home plus shipping.
  8. bwalker16527

    For Sale  '74 hood hinges and latches, hooks

    '74 FJ40 hood latches and latches/hooks. $20 for the hinges and $20 for the latches plus shipping.
  9. bwalker16527

    For Sale  New OEM FJ40 rear reflectors

    Two new OEM FJ40 rear reflectors part number 81910-69025. Fits 1974 - 1978. Price $60 plus shipping for both. Normally sell for $35 -50 each. I get great Fedex shipping rates. Thanks.
  10. bwalker16527

    Door weatherstrip direction question

    Which way does this weatherstrip go? Does the open side face inside or out? Said another way, is driver door LH or RH? Thanks for any help.
  11. bwalker16527

    1974 FJ40 "Bones"

    I bought this 1974 FJ40 in September 2016 from the previous owner in Vancouver, Wash. He owned it since the mid-1990's and he and his wife were quitting their jobs to join the Peace Corp after a cancer health scare. They were moving to Jamaica and could not take the 40 with them. I have been...
  12. bwalker16527

    1974 40 bib question

    I have a 1974 40 and on the bib there are 2 circular marks with 3 holes under the headlights that look like a reflector may have been mounted there. In the picture and look directly under the headlight. You can see it best in the picture on the passenger side but both sides have it. I...
  13. bwalker16527

    For Sale  1974 40 front knuckles, drum brakes, birfields

    1974 FJ40 front knuckles , drum brakes, coarse splined birfields. Selectro locking hubs $75 OBO
  14. bwalker16527

    For Sale  FJ40 rear fender flares bushwacker

    Rear fender flares from Bushwacker. Very good condition. Fits FJ40. $75 plus shipping.
  15. bwalker16527

    For Sale  Diamond plate quarter panel FJ40

    Used FJ40 polished aluminum diamond plate quarter panels. Good condition. $100 plus shipping.
  16. bwalker16527

    What color is this?

    What color is the front of my 1974 40? I thought it was Dune Beige but after buying Dune Beige to paint the spare tire carrier it does not match, not even close. Any ideas? Dune Beige seems to be much lighter and has much more gray in it.
  17. bwalker16527

    Wife saved 40 from falling tree today

    My great wife saved the 40 from a falling tree today. We had high winds in Portland today. We live in a forest and the wind was pushing one of the trees toward the 40 while I was at work. She moved the 40 to a safe place and texted me to tell me about it. Tree fell and would have landed...
  18. bwalker16527

    Antiquing in the FJ40

    Went antiquing with the wife in FJ40 today. She took this photo. Having fun.
  19. bwalker16527

    Best 1974 FJ40 rear quarter panel patch?

    Who has the best rear quarter panel patch--CCOT, Real Steel Cruiser Parts or other? Any experience with these?
  20. bwalker16527

    For Sale  1974 FJ40 front knuckles, drum brakes and course splined birfields

    1974 FJ40 front knuckle / knuckles, drum brakes and coarse splined birfields for sale. Good condition. Make offer. Will separate and part out. Thanks.
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