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  1. BGarcia88FJ62

    Help finding headlamp washer reservoir

    I've never had them on my rig's. It's been said that they aren't very useful. If that's the case I'd do away with the whole system. One less thing to worry with. Just my opinion. :beer:
  2. BGarcia88FJ62

    Fuel tank options

    I don't believe there's an aftermarket OEM replacement available. Best bet is to find someone parting a truck & willing to pull & ship a good used tank or put in a Long Range Tank Upgrade. "Cruiser Brothers" Sells them. :beer:
  3. BGarcia88FJ62

    FJ62 engine issues

    Sounds like a vacuum leak to me. Carefully check the large intake hose from the air Cleaner to the Throttle Body. That corrugated section can hide a split in that piping. I'd carefully remove it and inspect it thoroughly. :beer:
  4. BGarcia88FJ62

    What is this part that I just mangled?

    I want to say that's the connector for the carb cooling fan. just splice it back together you should be fine. :beer:
  5. BGarcia88FJ62

    Where can I get a roll bar done in the metro area? Now with pictures of the Gambler 500 Lincoln Bronco

    I heard about "The Gambler" in Tennessee too late to really plan for. This sounds like an all-in for next year. :beer:
  6. BGarcia88FJ62

    When you want coils and custom shocks, but keep the old 9.5" diff in the 60 axle

    I'd be more than interested in a DIY weld on kit for the front and the rear as well. Excellent work!! :beer:
  7. BGarcia88FJ62

    No dash lights in accessory mode

    It’s your avatar 🤪 WAR EAGLE!! :beer:✌
  8. BGarcia88FJ62

    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    Loaded (5) 6x6x10 pressure treated post on the roof rack I had built. Handle the load just fine, plenty stout. I wouldn’t want to perform any evasive maneuvers with that load up there. All in all very pleased.
  9. BGarcia88FJ62

    Buyin', Sellin', Tradin'

    Hey Rocky, I'd be interested in a day trip to have a look see. If that will work. Let me know a when, it'll have to be weekend of course. would you take a third party out of state check?;) :beer:✌
  10. BGarcia88FJ62

    New tie rod end broke in 2 months...

    You can tighten that up at the end of the Tie rod. Remove the cotter pin and tighten the adjuster all the way in then back it off about 1/2 to a full turn and reinstall the cotter pin. I've always find the new tie-rod ends have a bit too much slop in them for my taste. :beer:
  11. BGarcia88FJ62

    Not sure what to do...

    Sorry, I don't see a ton of options here. Once sheet metal gets that hot it's never the same, damn near impossible to get all the buckling out of it. That things roached. 1. Try finding an FJ62 with a blown engine / No Engine and Transplant the drive train. 2. Try finding an FJ62 with a Rusted...
  12. BGarcia88FJ62

    RV cam F/2F who’s got one?

    Consult Cam Mosley @ Mosley Motors. I think he's done rebuilds with this or similar cam.
  13. BGarcia88FJ62

    Coalmont OHV Park update

    Damn, just looked our Georgia Cruisers club page this morning sorry I missed it. Any plans when the next work day is going to be?
  14. BGarcia88FJ62

    Coalmont OHV Park

    Damn, just looked at the club page this morning sorry I missed it. Any idea when the next work day is going to be?
  15. BGarcia88FJ62

    Transmission swap rant. Pay no attention. Just have to hammer out these thoughts.

    No Worries, Just keep at it, it's just that right bump and wiggle and it'll drop in like butter. I'm in for a beer anytime just holla. :beer:✌
  16. BGarcia88FJ62

    Transmission swap rant. Pay no attention. Just have to hammer out these thoughts.

    Well..... I really hate seeing folks get defeated and frustrated I've been to this point working on my trucks. This is an open invitation, If you can get your rig and parts up to my place in Calhoun, Ga. we can get it into my basement and knock it out. :beer:
  17. BGarcia88FJ62

    FJ62 Hella Halogen Headlight Upgrade

    Got my wiring harness upgrade from Susquehanna Motor Sports. Beefy to say the least. 12 ga. Wire, ceramic connectors. High Quality and craftsmanship.
  18. BGarcia88FJ62

    Attn MUD Family - UltraFJ40 is in the Hospital

    Godspeed, get well soon.:beer:
  19. BGarcia88FJ62

    Best 4 inch 60 series lift kit

    I really don't think there's a vendor out there that makes a true 4" lift kit for an FJ60 you'll have to go to a custom set. or build your own hybrid set, plenty of previous threads on this subject. Search and you shall find. As far as vacuum leaks. you'll have to fix'm or replace. Being your in...
  20. BGarcia88FJ62

    FJ62 Hella Halogen Headlight Upgrade

    As requested.
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