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  1. Putins4x4

    eBay  LX570 outside Chicago

    Hey everyone, I currently own a 80 series and I’m in the market for a 200 series for my wife. Has anyone seen this one of have any insight? Lexus LX570
  2. Putins4x4

    Dealer  2006 gold FJ100 for sale by dealer

    Hey guys, I'm curious to know if anybody has any insight on this truck. It's at a dealer in Nashville 2006 Toyota Land Cruiser
  3. Putins4x4

    eBay  2007 White LC eBay seller.

    Has anyone seen or or has any input? 2007 white LC
  4. Putins4x4

    Wanted  electrical wires for driver seat 94-97 80 series

    Hit me up if you have a fully functional wire harness for the driver seat of a 94-97 80 series. I need them shipped to 43209 Thanks
  5. Putins4x4

    Wanted  Ohio 100 series. Low miles, clean.

    Looking for a 100 series to increase my fleet. Willing to travel, but I wanna keep it close to Ohio. Show me what you got
  6. Putins4x4

    Central Ohio Land Cruiser meetup

    Let’s use this thread to discuss and coordinate a central Ohio meetup. It seems like there’s a lot of interest to get together at some point after the holidays. What do you guys think? Any ideas?
  7. Putins4x4

    Wanted  1997 80 series distributor

    anyone has a spare one somewhere in the garage? Or who has best prices for a new one?
  8. Putins4x4

    97' 80 series brake upgrades and options.

    Hello again, first of all I want to thank the community for all the help and advice provided so far. It's been a great learning experience and hopefully soon I'll be "done" with my truck. I got my LC at the shop for front axle rebuild. once were lifted the truck we realize there were a few more...
  9. Putins4x4

    Wanted  93-97 fj80 engine mounts

    Hello everyone, recently I decided that I want to be able to see what's behind me without the distortion caused by my loose engine, but I can't find new engine mounts anywhere. Can any any help me out with a place where I can order this online? Ps. transmission mount also ps2. since that's...
  10. Putins4x4

    1993-1997 FJ80 upholstery

    BRAND NEW!!!! I have up for sale a 5 seat upholstery replacement kit from Origami Leather Seats. Color is coffee Taupe and will match great with a brown interior vehicle. This model is 100% leather and comes with micro perforations instead of the pleat. This will allow better air flow in case...
  11. Putins4x4

    New Upholstery on my FJ80 (Origami Leather Seats)

    Hello everybody, I know some of you have been waiting to see results on the installation of my leather kit. I received lots of emails, text and phone calls from people asking to see pictures of my kit installed and other questions about material and delivery time. Unfortunately I changed my...
  12. Putins4x4

    Wanted  Left rear door actuator for 1997 LC

    DM me if you have a spare left rear door actuator sitting somewhere. 1997 FJ80 Thanks
  13. Putins4x4

    Mechanic recommendations in C-bus area

    I’d like to have my FJ80 inspected and I don’t know where to go. Anyone has any recommendations?
  14. Putins4x4

    Origami Leather Seats 15% introduction discount

    Hello everyone 15% discount for the first 10 orders using the code: myfirsttime on any upholstery leather kit. please visit for more info.
  15. Putins4x4

    Dealer  Origami Leather Seats

    Hello everyone, I recently decided to start sourcing upholstery leather kits for Land Cruisers and after posting a few pictures of my products in a few websites and seeing the amount of interest, I decided to go all in and made a website to show and sell my leather kits. please visit...
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