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  1. 4x4veteran

    Happy 4th of July to the Americans

    I consider myself a liberal and I carry scars that I got serving this country.
  2. 4x4veteran

    Anyone randomly develop a fear?

    Never felt comfortable in the middle of a lake. Always was a good strong swimmer so that never concerned me. I guess it was from all the BS stories my older cousins told me about giant catfish and gar when I was stayed with them one summer on the lake of the Ozarks when I was twelve. Started...
  3. 4x4veteran

    Anyone else not wear a mask yet, and think the people who do look silly?

    The mask is more to reduce the exhaled air than to stop incoming air. This is not to say the mask doesn't help with the later. If everyone wore masks and wore them properly this virus could be greatly reduced. One of the things not mentioned here is hands. It has been a fact long before this...
  4. 4x4veteran

    parent brag thread

    My heart is broken.
  5. 4x4veteran

    Anyone else not wear a mask yet, and think the people who do look silly?

    You can call it fear if you want but I would rather think of wearing a mask as common sense. Especially when the prez and a lot of his lackey governors, my state included, have failed to set down working guidelines. First it was and still is feed the public BS fear mongering while doing nothing...
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    Anyone else not wear a mask yet, and think the people who do look silly?

    A lot of people are making masks. Some for profit and others just trying to do something by sharing. A group here has come up with several designs that while not one hundred percent are pretty good. My wife and some others use a non woven interface between two layers of quilter's cotton. People...
  7. 4x4veteran

    Calling driveline experts: clunk clunk at slow speed?

    One time there was an intermittent clunk coming from the rear third member on my FJ40. Turned out a couple bolts worked loose on the ring gear and would hit the edge of the banjo part of the axle housing.
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    The Ultimate MEME Thread - TUMT

  9. 4x4veteran

    Online dating?

    I tried a date I got on line. It didn't work out well. There was a malfunction with the inflater tube.
  10. 4x4veteran

    The Ultimate MEME Thread - TUMT

    Have passed through Winslow Az. many times and never stopped to look at the hole in the ground. I have been a lot of places but always tried to avoid places with visitor centers.
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    men with tool boxes

    Thanks I was trying to get it to load but was galled away for some pizza.
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    men with tool boxes

  13. 4x4veteran

    Cancer sucks...

    This kind of news always breaks my heart. I am truly sorry for you loss and wish the best for you.
  14. 4x4veteran

    Is my username now racist?

    If you white it not racist. Only gator attacks I eva here was been white people. We not protected species yet so it doan apply.
  15. 4x4veteran

    The Ultimate MEME Thread - TUMT

    Actually those are liberal pussies that can speak in complete sentences that makes sense and the right wing dog forgot his gun and is looking for a bunker.
  16. 4x4veteran

    New member

    Congratulations and my condolence. "made floor mats from horse stall mats from tractor supply “help with heat and noise”. Picture of rig and mats. It is customary to also show picture of wife and or girlfriend or at least somebody's wife and or girlfriend.
  17. 4x4veteran

    Random Redneckness

    The range looks like it is worth more than the trailer and deck combined. Gotta know your priorities.
  18. 4x4veteran

    The Ultimate MEME Thread - TUMT

    Obviously you are not informed about socialism either. There are a lot of programs in the U.S. that benefit even you gnob that can be called socialism and you readily accept.
  19. 4x4veteran

    The Ultimate MEME Thread - TUMT

    Ha! Got one!
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