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  1. dirtdobberoffroad

    GM  Dirt Dobbers 03 suburban build

    I picked up a 2003 suburban LT last August from an old fella for cheap, I was needing something to get me to and from my fishing spots and the wife was tired of me tearing the valance off the minivan, I was planning on starting the build then but I suffered a stroke, I am now back to normal and...
  2. dirtdobberoffroad

    95 disco

    I'm a Toyota guy and have been for a while, and I have no idea about these trucks. I had a guy talk to me the other day with a 95 disco wanting to sell it. The truck looks very sound and no rust it has 180,000 on it and says every thing is stock no rebuilds on any thing, it appears to have an...
  3. dirtdobberoffroad

    Kubota in Toyota

    I saw a Kubota V2203di to Toyota trans adapter the other day. Has any one actually done this swap? If so post up info/pictures of the swap. I'm wanting to do to put it in the drive train from an 84 4runner with a W56 trans and 410 gears. Im thinking I will have to atleast run 33's to keep...
  4. dirtdobberoffroad

    Looking for a build thread

    First off if this is in the wrong place please delete or move.... I have a issue of 4wheeler Toyota issue with a 83 pickup that I have been trying to find a build thread on it....see link below, if any one knows where a build thread is please share! 1983 Toyota Pickup - By Design
  5. dirtdobberoffroad

    Dirtdobberoffroad's 82/85/86 build

    I've been lurking long enough, I thought I would finally post up on a future project. I would like it to look like an Aussie truck when completed, I like the short front portion of bed with long behind the wheel wells look. Wish I could afford to just Import a dual cab Hilux. So here it is. I...
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