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  1. catastrofe

    Dual Battery Installation For Fridge And Auxiliary Power

    I've been working on this project for a few months, and would have completed it sooner but a back injury side-lined me for a while. My goal was to power accessories (lighting, USB charging, SnoMaster EX75 fridge) with an independent battery, and to charge that battery via the alternator and...
  2. catastrofe

    Aftermarket Roof Rack Light Bar Mounting - Wind Noise/Drag Experience With Different Mounting Locations

    For any mudder with a light bar (light bars only, not pods or other auxiliary lights) mounted on his/her roof rack. . . Where is your bar mounted? Is it on the front face of the rack profile, under the front of the rack, or on top of the rack? Have you tried different locations to mitigate...
  3. catastrofe

    Receiver Rust

    Has anyone experienced “premature” rust on their hitch receiver? My LC is less than a year old, never driven on salted roads, yet I’ve already got several rust spots on the receiver.
  4. catastrofe

    PowerTrays Mounting In 2019 LC200 (Redarc BCDC Coming Soon)

    After posting my PT install in the "What Have You Done To Your 200 Series This Week" I received some requests for more detail. I didn't go into the project with a documentation plan, but here's what I did along with some photos. This information has been shared with Maverick (owner of...
  5. catastrofe

    For Sale  Tampa: Slee Aux Battery Tray For current LC200

    Purchased this a week ago but changed my mind about where to mount an auxiliary battery. Test fitted, but otherwise like new. $80 plus shipping or local pickup in Tampa.
  6. catastrofe

    Roof Rack Power Via Tailgate

    I've read the various threads/posts about routing power up to a roof rack but didn't find a clear, concise answer. When running cables down along the tailgate, what is the best/cleanest method of getting them into the rear cargo area?
  7. catastrofe

    For Sale  Tampa, FL: WeatherTech Floor Liners 2019 LC200

    For sale, a set of front and rear (no cargo) floor liners for a 2019 LC. WeatherTech part number: 444231-441572. Great condition. $100 plus shipping, or local pickup in Tampa area.
  8. catastrofe

    Dash Cam Add A Circuit - Need Ignition And Constant Power

    Does anyone know which fuses in either the driver side or passenger side (passenger side is preferable) fuse box are ignition activated and constant power? Also, a source for low-profile mini-fuse Add-A-Circuit? Thanks!
  9. catastrofe

    For Sale  Tampa, FL 2019 LC200 Third Row Seats

    I installed a drawer system an have no use for my third row seats (black). Like new (well, maybe a little dusty from sitting in my garage for 2 months). $100 takes them both, pickup only.
  10. catastrofe

    Provo Area 2016+ LC200 Owners Help Request

    HaulGauge manufactures an OBD plug-in that allows for vehicle and trailer weight calculations without the need for a scale. They're looking for a test LC200 to run some calibration values. If you're in the Provo area and able/willing to help, please touch base with Thomas Corie...
  11. catastrofe

    Wanted  WTB: Goal Zero Yeti 1000 Lithium

    I'm looking for a new or gently used unit. :)
  12. catastrofe

    Wanted  WTB: Easy Slide ES 220 Plus

    The US distributor (Clearview Mirror USA) is out of stock. Anyone know of a stocking dealer? Willing to source from outside the US depending on cost.
  13. catastrofe

    Yakima Enters Flat Rack Market

    Interesting development. . .not even shown on Yakima's website yet:
  14. catastrofe

    Suspension "Feel"

    I'm looking for input on how the suspension of my stock 2019 LC200 is supposed to feel. Is it supposed to be firm/stiff, or a little loose and "bouncy". When driving on a flat, un-damaged road the ride is not as smooth as I would expect. Not quite like an unbalanced wheel, but not smooth like...
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