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  1. bj70_guy

    Coastal Cruisers newsletter... March 1998

    The crap you find when you clean up a little... :D I don't even remember us ever having a newsletter, but apparently we did. Makes me happy and sad at the same time.
  2. bj70_guy

    Builds  10 years with the 74/after-the-fact build thread

    I realized I’m coming up on the 10th anniversary of buying my 1989 BJ74, and figured it was time for a first decade report card and after-the-fact build thread. In 2007 I’d been driving my ’85 BJ70 for 15 years. It had been the best vehicle I ever owned, but it was getting rustier and crustier...
  3. bj70_guy

    HDJ81 - which is the primary starting battery?

    Have a new-to-me '90 HDJ81, currently wiring up a solar install. I'd like to hook the charger to the secondary battery and use that one to draw fridge/ancillary power from. Have now heard conflicting reports which is which, so anyone know for sure?
  4. bj70_guy

    HF screwdriver antenna on an 80?

    Has anyone mounted a screwdriver on their 80 series? Where did you mount it? I have a Scorpion shorty I bought to install on my BJ74, had a nice mount built to utilize the old spare tire carrier bolts… then never installed it. Now I've bought an HDJ81, which I'd prefer to have the HF capability...
  5. bj70_guy

    For Sale  Clean M101cdn in Vancouver, BC

    Posting this for a friend of mine. Really nice M101cdn for sale, he had it sandblasted and painted it before he took possession about 10 years ago. The paint has faded, but it's in great shape. He's asking $2200 cdn obo… boat not included. Anybody interested pm me and I'll put you in touch...
  6. bj70_guy

    clean M101cdn for sale

    Posting this for a friend of mine. Really nice M101cdn for sale, he got it from the guy in Abbotsford that had a bunch of them years ago. He had the guy sandblast and paint it before he took possession. I haven't seen it in a while, but it was super clean. He's asking $2200 obo… boat not...
  7. bj70_guy

    Big Norcold fridge on CL

    Rebadged Engel, I think. Not affiliated.
  8. bj70_guy

    anyone want a coleman cooler?

    Good shape, not used much. With a fridge and a stainless cooler kicking around I'll never use this again. Free, can bring to the next meeting.
  9. bj70_guy

    tires FS

    Anyone need stock 80 tires? I have three 275/70R16 Michelin Cross Terrains that need to go. I know nothing of their history, but they have some meat left on 'em. $25 ea And my 35s are finally going on, so I have 4 old time 255/85R16 BFG MTs... 12 years old, over 100,000 km on 'em...
  10. bj70_guy

    Hey Drew...

    ... how has the Scorpion screwdriver worked out? Inquiring minds want to know!
  11. bj70_guy

    a gift for Lance

  12. bj70_guy

    North Van Ham course

    If anyone's interested, the North Van Amateur radio Club is doing the Basic course in January. Saturday mornings from January 14-Feb 25, includes the test. North Shore Amateur Radio Club and scroll down to "courses"
  13. bj70_guy

    Thanks John x2...

    I'm really happy with my new ATEB exhaust! Giant difference over stock. I asked for 2.5" aluminized mandrel bent with an Aero Turbine muffler, and for it to be tucked up nice and high. Well I got that! Straight down: flex tube and inside the frame rail: alongside the...
  14. bj70_guy

    for you guys with fridges

    I have a few week trip coming up, and I'm coming to the conclusion that waiting to win one in a raffle may not be the sure plan to acquire said fridge as originally figured. :D I may have to break down and buy one. So my question to those that have 'em: transit bag, "nice to have" or "crazy...
  15. bj70_guy

    January Ham course, North Van

    Just in case anyone's interested, I see the north shore club is doing a course in January. 6 Saturday mornings then the test. I might take it just to actually learn all the stuff I guess I only memorized (and subsequently forgot...) North Shore Amateur Radio Club left hand side, go to...
  16. bj70_guy

    Cruiser Days - July 10, Delta BC

    Since there doesn't seem to be any announcement here yet.... Coastal Cruisers' Cruiser Days show and shine (no need to worry about the shine...) July 10, 10-3, Deas Island Regional Park, Delta, B.C. Always a good time. We had over 100 trucks attend last year.
  17. bj70_guy

    OBA - the Puma compressor

    Some of the Copper State guys had these at Moab and I had to have one. They are very cool. 1 hp peak, 3/4 hp running, 100% duty cycle, 1.5 gallon tank. Airs tires up pretty fast and can run 3/8 air tools. Best part - only $230 US shipped to WA state, then taxes at the border. Cheaper than a...
  18. bj70_guy

    FS: CO2 set up

    Anyone looking for a CO2 bottle set up? I put this together a while back, and as usual, never got around to mounting it in the truck, It's literally never been used. It's a 13lb bottle and regulator from Air Liquide. I don't recall how much I paid for it, but I'm sure it was too much :D Also...
  19. bj70_guy

    the Puma

    I have Puma envy. Is $229 shipped about right? 12v 1.5 gal air compressor Puma - eBay (item 380221870163 end time May-05-10 07:19:25 PDT)
  20. bj70_guy

    Spot users?

    I know there are a few guys in the club using the Spot - is anyone using the new model? Any feedback?
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