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  1. Tachycardic

    Show me your CB setup

    Some events, like Cruise Moab, still need CB radios as a vehicle requirement. It would be ideal to install the radio in a place where you can easily switch out units.
  2. Tachycardic

    Builds The Oddball 80 - Middle East GX Renovation

    Amazing truck, er wagon!
  3. Tachycardic

    Baselining my 1997 fzj80 3xlocked Rust Bucket of Hope! 🙏🙏🙏

    His wife may leave him, but he'll always have the cruiser!
  4. Tachycardic

    94 Land Cruiser gas capacity? Help

    My money is that they installed a smaller tank :(
  5. Tachycardic

    94 Land Cruiser gas capacity? Help

    I am sorry to say that what you have is not normal. The tank should hold 25.1 gallons. My ‘94 can cover 150 miles at the halfway mark and the light comes on around 250 miles. The light comes on with approx 5 gallons left in the tank. There is something seriously wrong if you can only fill up...
  6. Tachycardic

    Hello - I've left the Range (rover) behind and will now proceed to explore the Land (cruiser)

    Looks clean. There appears to be some minor surface rust—nothing alarming. Looks like it was sprayed with that rubberized undercoat. All in all, looks great, especially for a mid-atlantic truck.
  7. Tachycardic

    Hello - I've left the Range (rover) behind and will now proceed to explore the Land (cruiser)

    The shine on that 80 is unreal! Congrats! Lets see some money shots of the engine and undercarriage!
  8. Tachycardic

    Front Axle Knuckle Service

    Like everyone said, you don't want to half a$$ this job...whole a$$ it and get the full kit with new wheel bearings. They are not that expensive--$215 with Koyo bearings and $195 with the Timkens. Cruiser Outfitters
  9. Tachycardic

    Rear Bumper

    These guys are good too...
  10. Tachycardic

    1993 FZJ80 - CEL for code 83

    It was addressed here... CODE #83 #84 #85 93FZJ80 issue help If the LC is running fine, you could attempt to clear the code and drive it--see if the code comes back. If not, que sera sera...
  11. Tachycardic

    New Seiken 44610-60792 brake booster?

    After the new BB install, I noticed my brakes are a bit spongier. Only started to happen when it got hot around here (ambient temps 105-110F). I'm thinking a change to SS brake hoses may be in order...
  12. Tachycardic

    A442F vs. A343F (yes, again)

    I believe the A442E in the Coaster was mated to a 2wd layout, while the A442F was obviously used in a 4wd platform. They are otherwise nearly identical.
  13. Tachycardic

    80 Series Accessory Mount Kits - Ditch Lights, CB Antennas, Ham Antennas

    Looks like they are closed due to covid. Any word on why you will be back up and running?
  14. Tachycardic

    Club Update May 01, 2020

    Actually didn't make it into Indian Springs...just used it and Creech as landmarks to get my bearings. We hit the intersection of Sky and the powerlines and decided to drive under to powerlines that run behind Indian Springs. Caught up with 95 just north of the prison. Nice 60 btw!
  15. Tachycardic

    Club Update May 01, 2020

    I think it's been pretty informal recently. Bot sure what everyone has going one with the covid thing still hot. Spent the night in Mt. Charleston to escape the heat. Then attempted to find Wheeler Pass, which I did not find well marked! Got to Willow Creek from Cold Creek and found a nice...
  16. Tachycardic

    Transfer Case Strange Whirring Noise/Gear Whine

    I'm right behind you at 283k miles. Please create a new post on what you do to the diff. Will be very interested in that!
  17. Tachycardic

    Transfer Case Strange Whirring Noise/Gear Whine

    Awesome thanks! I think I will do this as I have the same issue as you and replacing the gear oil in the differentials and transfer case didn't improve the howling. It'll be my last step before I start replacing bearings I guess...
  18. Tachycardic

    Transfer Case Strange Whirring Noise/Gear Whine

    Where did you buy the transmission mount? Were you able to install it without removing anything?
  19. Tachycardic

    My legacy FZJ80

    Welcome to Mud and sorry about your brother, but he had good taste in vehicles!
  20. Tachycardic

    Advice on a 97' FJ80 purchase

    Assuming the title is clean, there are no major rust issues underneath, and it has not been in a major accident(s), I think it looks good. Obviously used (the engine bay is filthy :p), but seems to be well-cared for. I think $7500 is reasonable in your neck of the woods for a decent non-triple...
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