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    For Sale  GX470 Stock roof rails and cross bars. Portland, OR

    I have the stock roof rails, and (4) stock cross bars, from my 2005 GX470 Sport. Condition on all items is best described as “fair to good”. Not horrible but certainly not perfect. Sport trim means the rails are a darker tint...I think Lexus called it Graphite. When removing the rails, I snapped...
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    New Ironman suspension installed, with measurements

    Had the Ironman Nitro Gas shocks/struts, and the Ironman “Stock firmness” springs, installed today. 2005, Sport package with KDSS. KDSS made for a more difficult time, but everything ultimately went in fine with some persuasion. Removed stock air bags due to a slow leak...dealership wanted more...
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    Tray for ride-height and shock firmness controls

    My searches have gone cold, but I know I’ve seen a picture of a “tray” that someone fit into the area normally occupied by the suspension controls on our GX470’s. I’ll be going to Ironman springs, shocks and struts, and will lose function of the height-adjustability, and shock firmness. Does...
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    255-75/17 KO2’s

    Just mounted some new-to-me skins on my GX.. Found them on Craigslist, with the 4Runner rims. Measure out at 32”. 2005, sport edition (KDSS), 155k miles. Will update with ride quality if requested...
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    New Suspension and will they affect ride quality?

    Hi all, new guy here... I just picked up a totally stock 2005 GX470 Sport, with KDSS. 155k miles. Runs and drives like a dream...solid, smooth as silk. Tires are stock Michelin’s, and the airbags are still intact. This may become my DD, as well as a camping rig, and “Overlander” I am...
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    Hello...New Guy here

    Hello all, Just a quick intro. Purchased a 2005 GX470 Sport Edition today. Clean as a whistle, totally stock, a perfect example of a Lexus-serviced mall cruiser. 155k miles, got it down to $8950 out the door. I’m excited to do a baseline servicing on it, then drive for awhile to determine my...
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