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  1. Jordan7118

    For Sale [AR] Small pattern disc brake knuckles and steering arms (SOLD)

    Do you already have the larger bolt pattern knuckles and steering arms?
  2. Jordan7118

    Wanted Trollhole Carb wanted

  3. Jordan7118

    Wanted 15x8 Aluminum Wheels made by Delta in Australia

    Beautiful wheels! Good luck!
  4. Jordan7118

    Wanted Looking for a good SM 420 trans.

    Try Anyone? - CLC Classifieds thread
  5. Jordan7118

    Toyota 8" high pinion FJ80 electric locking third member with 4.88 gears (USA / CA - Norcal)

    PM if you want to sell just the motor guard. Thanks!
  6. Jordan7118

    For Sale 30-Spline Longfields

  7. Jordan7118

    For Sale  30-Spline Longfields

    Up for sale is a set of Bobby Long 30-spline cromoly birfs and inner axles for a solid front axle Toyota mini-truck. If using these in a FJ40 or FJ60, you would need a new inner axle (just one) and would probably not make financial sense vs. buying new. I bought these about 5 years ago used...
  8. Jordan7118

    For Sale [OK] fj80 semi float with 4.88

    Price? Exact Location?
  9. Jordan7118

    Wanted  80-Series Front Axle

    Looking for a complete or complete minus third front axle from an 80-series. Would prefer one with ABS. Location: Hot Springs, Arkansas, but may be able to arrange transport in the bordering states. PM is probably best, but I will check this thread, too. Thanks!
  10. Jordan7118

    Brand New 9.5" Toyota 5.29 Gears w/ Master install kit and solid pinion spacer

    Still have this? Sent you a PM, but shows you haven't been on here in almost a month. Fingers crossed!
  11. Jordan7118

    Lock-Right 4cyl Toyota 8" - 1610-LR

    Pics are up.
  12. Jordan7118

    Lock-Right 4cyl Toyota 8" - 1610-LR

    I have a used Lock-Right that will fit 4 cylinder Toyota 8" thirds. Part number is 1610-LR The center pin broke, so the pin windows are a little chewed. The actual teeth on the locker are in great condition. Comes with all pins and springs needed. Also, will throw in the thrust washers from a...
  13. Jordan7118

    JDM 80 series overhead compass/altimeter console

    Wow... Something smells a little fishy, here...
  14. Jordan7118

    Wanted Michelin XML 325/85 R16

  15. Jordan7118

    IFS hubs (mini truck)

    No bearing hubs?
  16. Jordan7118

    Wanted wtb 35inch spare 15inch rim

    Apparently you can't say c-r-a-p
  17. Jordan7118

    Wanted wtb 35inch spare 15inch rim

    Crap, I just got rid of a spare 35 SSR :crybaby: Wish I could've helped ya.
  18. Jordan7118

    Wanted Michelin XML 325/85 R16

    Koo Koo Ka Choo
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