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    Best Price SirusXM

    Hey guys I have one vehicle the XM has expired and another going to expire , I allways seem to wait they make a deal after . I had the guy on and he gave me his pitch and I told him it was XM or food on the table . Just B.s them a bit but would not come down . I’m getting it free for the next...
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    Heavy Rear Bumpers for 2nd Gen

    Just washed the 2015 Tacoma and found some hit the rear bumper already , sucks the truck was dent free , luckily only pushed into inner edge of the quarter panel and no dent just scratched and I had to pull the bumper out . I have not been going any where with this whole Covid 19 crap , had to...
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    Vehicle Prices after Corona

    Hey guys I just had a buddy total his truck during this corona pandemic , I would say its going to be a buyers market , I have found a few dealers that are open but had to cross the bridge to New Jersey found a Toyota dealer open . My buddy was in a full size Chevy 1500 and was the best thing...
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    Aluminum Finish Engine / Trans and Transfer

    Hey guys , Just finished cleaning the underside of a beater truck so I can paint and rust proof but the Aluminum was exposed to salt , I use a good mild caustic Zep makes a good heavy duty Alkaline cleaner but still left the aluminum dry . Any one have any tips for a better look to the finish...
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    For Sale  Philadelphia Pa ... Large Clean Steel Tanks

    I started to get a small supply for large heavy clean steel tanks . Tanks contained a cleaning Alcohol and are clean steel inside . They have 5 ports , 2 are siphon and 3 are open 3/4 British Standard Parallel Pipe thread , you can get adapters to NPT at Mc Master Carr. Tanks are 33” cross and...
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    200 Daily Driver or Beater

    Just wondering if you guys are using your 200 as a daily driver or do you run another vehicle to save you machine for its intended use . I live in the greater northeast between New York and Philadelphia ... You can‘t have anything nice as a daily driver . My last 2018 land cruiser all it did...
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    Middle Row Seat Belts

    Hey guys Just inspecting my 2019 Land Cruiser and found rear outer seat belt bolts sticking out of the wheel wheel . I would have thought there would have been assembled in Japan ... Aperentlly both side have a long boit sticking out of the rear wheel well . Any thoughts why dealer would have...
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    2020 Heritage Emblems

    Just online looking around for the Heritage rear quarter Land Cruiser Embelms ... Holy crap 350 bucks for a set . Not sure if I will be spending that , I would hate to see what they what for the BBS wheels .
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    E15 and your 200 Land Cruiser

    I just noticed on the LC fuel cap says no higher in fuel grade than E15 . I dispise any blended ethanol into gasoline , its a huge ripoff and is no good for any engine in my world . I'm in the Boat and Powersports business , it makes me money by causing damage to others . I would rather loose...
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