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  1. rj95lss

    Switching 24v Vacuum Solenoid to 12v

    Ok, so I looked all round for months to find Part# 85440-60160 (24v vacuum solenoid) which I pulled from my truck (I'm currently flipping the vacuum lines to switch bwteen 2wd & 4wd), with no luck at all, and decided to just pickup Part# 88690-89132 (12v magnet valve) from a mini-truck. I've...
  2. rj95lss

    Factory Rubber Floormats anyone??? (RHD)

    So @beno needs a few more of us on his list so make an order for factory RHD floor mats. Who's interested? I've been trying to get a set for months now!!!
  3. rj95lss

    SCS wheels on a 70 series?

    I've been looking thru hundreds of pics of 70 series to find some wheel options and not finding anything that really jumps out at me. Wondering if anyone has or has seen Stealth Custom Series "SCS" wheels on a 70 series before? I think maybe the F5's would look good on my truck. They come in a...
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