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    Wanted  Driver’s side knuckle

    I need a driver’s side knuckle to complete a disc brake conversion. Can come from a 40 or 60 series axle. Thanks.
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    Builds  El Conquistador - The Spanish 61

    The truck is loaded, the flatbed is empty, and we are on our way to Florida to pickup Jimmy’s next build. A left hand drive 88 HJ61 The plan for this is a a little different. A complete nut and bolt, frame-off restoration By @CenTXFJ60. Anyone that has seen his work, will know that this will...
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    Builds  Stepping into the 45 Club - My FZJ45 Resto-Mod

    My first post in the 45 forum. I’ve been a longtime Land Cruiser owner. Started with a 60 and now an 80. My current project is a 65 FJ45 LWB. I’m starting with basically a rolling chassis that I picked up from Dennis @Tank5 up in New Mexico. The plan is to drop a 1FZ-FE with an H-55 gearbox...
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    45 Long Beds (Gauging Interest)

    Ladies and Gents... I’m new to the 45 section, but I’ve owned a 60 and an 80 series cruiser and I am now starting a 1FZJ45 project. I’ve been around Mud for a while and have a great reputation on the other sub-forums. Which brings me to my offer... I am getting some sheet metal for my build...
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    Anyplace to wheel near Orlando?

    I’m in Orlando for business and I brought my 80... is there any decent places to explore or wheel around here? Nothing too gnarly, I just like off road exploring. I’m open for company if anyone has some time to hit some trails. Thanks all!
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    SOLD  New (RMFD) 3FE Toyota Alternator 80amp

    Includes wire harness adapter for FJ60’s I bought this to upgrade the alternator in my FJ60 to an 80 amp, but just never got around to installing it. $200 for the kit + Shipping
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    SOLD  Pristine 1983 FJ60 aka: Cream Puff - TEXAS

    Okay.... this is an opportunity to purchase (what I feel) is one of the best examples of an unmolested, low mileage, rust-free 60-Series Land Cruiser in the country. I’m moving on to other Land Cruiser projects, and I need to raise some capital and clear some garage space for my next project...
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    80 series blue fan clutch on a 60?

    I have a new spare blue fan clutch for my 80 series cruiser. I’m replacing the water pump in my 60 and was wondering if I can swap the new FC in at the same time. They appear to be physically compatible. Has anyone done this? Couldn’t find anything on search.
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    For Sale  New SOR 80 Series Front Seat Foam

    purchased around 6 months ago on the Spector site for $155 each and never installed them. Probably too late to get a refund, so I’ll list them here for sale. $200 for the pair + shipping. Thanks!
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    craigslist  Great 86 FJ60 on CL

    Wow... no affiliation, but this is a steal for someone looking for a 60 with lots of extras.
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    Builds  Going to meet my new 80

    New guy here (to the 80 forum). I’ve been in the 60 forum for a while now, but I had an itch for an 80 that I just had to scratch. I was shopping for several weeks waiting for the right deal to pop up. I learned pretty quickly that you have to pull the trigger pretty quick on these trucks...
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    Oh nooooo..... RUST!

    I was washing my cruiser off a while back and came across this bubble on the bottom of the passenger rear quarter panel. I know it doesn’t look like much compared to most cruisers out in the wild, but I thought I was clean. After consulting with my Land Cruiser support group @OSS @CenTXFJ60...
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    Solid Axle Summit 2017 - Ouray, CO

    Its official! I'm starting a thread here for all the people that may not frequent the events forum. Quite a bit of 60's to be found. Perhaps the Mods can just move the thread after the updates have stopped coming in.
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    Anyone heard of Trail Tailor?

    he does pretty amazing work. You should check him out. I picked up these B-pillar covers to replace my cracked plastic OEM covers and I'm so thrilled that I have to show them off. This is really how they should have come from the factory in the first place.
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    For Sale  62 front bumper endcaps (NEW OEM) Texas

    I jumped the gun on eBay and accidentally ordered a set of 62 front bumper endcaps. They're new. $100 includes shipping to the lower 48. All other locations can pay whatever the actual shipping charge is. Thanks all.
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    What the hell is goin on in Jimmy's Barn

    I think Jim's (@CenTXFJ60) Barn needs it's own thread to keep his Frankenstein build thread a little more focused. His Barn has become a bit of a local hangout for the San Antonio area's FJ60 guys. There's alway cool things happening in the shop. Today we got together with a new guy...
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    Calling ALL Cruiserhead Carb Experts & Emissions Pros

    Attention @FJ40Jim @Pin_Head @cwwfj60 @Output Shaft @Trollhole @CenTXFJ60 and any others I forgot to mention, or anyone with expertise that has something to add. I need help diagnosing a problem that I've been having with my engine stalling out at idle. It has been an intermittent problem...
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    Biff Busby's Friday Night Car Show

    I've been thinking about taking my cruiser over there for months now, but I've never gone because I don't want to be the only LC guy there. Anyone interested in heading out this Friday around 7:30pm? Biff Busby's is a burger joint on the corner of IH-35 & Toepperwein road. For those that don't...
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    Another New Guy Introduction Thread!

    Hi everyone! I've been lurking for awhile but didn't feel comfortable joining the group until I actually had a Cruiser. Today, I am very excited to join the group! I just picked up a very clean 1983 FJ60 from El Paso. The story was that this was an all original one owner vehicle before it...
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