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  1. goneloco

    FOUND - Stolen LX-450 - Calgary

    hi guys My 1997 white Lexus lx-450 was stolen this morning from the sw of Calgary. If your a cruiser guy in Calgary you would know my truck. It's white with cruisen off-road sliders and flat roof rack. A custom cruisen offroad rear bumper with full length single swingout tire carrier with 35"...
  2. goneloco

    MUDShip  Calgary to Chilliwack

    Looking for someone to pull my M101 from cow town to Chilliwack. I need it dropped just off the hiway at Cruis'n Off-road which is just off hyw 1. Let me know if your heading that way. Thanks Cary
  3. goneloco

    60 Series Drive Train into a BJ-42 - Questions

    I have a 1984 BJ-42 w/original drive train. The engine has lost a cylinder so I want to change it out. I have a drive train out of an 84 60 series in my other 40 that runs well and has no leaks. How should I move forward? Just swap the engine or swap the entire drive train? As far as I...
  4. goneloco

    1984 BJ-42 Transplant

    I have recently picked up a 1984 BJ-42 with a horrible knock in the engine. I got it for a smok'n deal because of this And as my 1980 BJ-40 does not have most of the components like a heater, disc brakes, power steering, and the little things like dash pads I thought I would save myself a ton...
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