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  1. hamishpotter

    Whiteline front sway bar install

    I finally have my truck back after it's 2018-2019 solo tour of East Coast shops. Since installing King 2.5 resi's and since I already have LCP sway bar disconnects (which are really handy) I'm trying out a beefier sway bar for improving road handling. The thing is definitely beefy, and heavy...
  2. hamishpotter

    NYC area looking to check out a built 200

    Greetings from a denizen of the lowly 80 forums. I'm contemplating moving past a 100 into a 200. Anyone in the NYC area have one I could check out and kick the tires? I test-drove a stock 2017 last week and was not completely sold, so I figured I am probably missing some intel from a 'Mud...
  3. hamishpotter

    King / OME / coil spacer vibes issues

    Pardon everyone for posting this on the Compiled Suspension spec thread earlier. I recently picked up a set of King 2.5 resi adjustable shocks for 0-2" lift for my 80 as well as 2.5" caster plates from Wits' End and new OEM bushings for the control arms. I'm on OME medium springs (~ 2.5" lift)...
  4. hamishpotter

    Blindo Rally Raid Wheels

    Anyone run these on an 80 series or Landcruiser in general? They offer some 6x stud patterns, and they look solid. I've seen them on Defenders mostly. Curious..
  5. hamishpotter

    Old Man Emu BP-51 Adjustable Shocks for Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series

    Have been looking for new shocks, came across this link. Anyone know about these yet? Old Man Emu BP-51 Adjustable Shocks for Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series
  6. hamishpotter

    Landcruiser Heaven (Maryland shop)

    Hello All, I'd like to tout fellow 'Mud member @FloridaFJ80 's *somewhat* local business to the Gotham group. Landcruiser Heaven (Land Cruiser Heaven) is in Hagerstown, MD, about 45 min north of DC. I've been looking for a close enough resource for Cruiser work, people who know our trucks...
  7. hamishpotter

    looking for decent metal fabrication Brooklyn / NYC

    I've searched in the past, wondering if any members have someone local they'd trust to do some custom fab work. Mostly bumper / slider mods. Thanks in advance, James
  8. hamishpotter

    For Sale  4 LX450 Chrome wheels

    In good shape, I took photos without any prep or wiping, they came with my truck am going in different direction. $350 for all 4, $95 apiece
  9. hamishpotter

    Replacement alternator (brand, output)

    Greetings All and happy new year, I need a new alternator. 1996 FZJ80. What is best replacement brand (Denso, Bosch?), and options for high output if straightforward, and worthwhile. -> I’ve been hunting with search, but most threads seem outdated or not quite clear (and I need to get back...
  10. hamishpotter

    Mounting 6 LED pods on FZJ80 ARB bull bar..

    Hello All, I used "search" and after not finding anything (yet) I figured I would not try to reinvent the wheel ask the forums. I picked up a couple of affordable 6 LED light pods on Amazon and hope to mount them low on my ARB bull bar, I'd prefer low and behind the bar so they project low and...
  11. hamishpotter

    Throttle body wire / connector parts?

    While installing Magnuson supercharger I noticed one of the wires fell out of the black and yellow pigtail that enters the throttle body. Toyota considers it part of the entire wire harness. The connector is damaged and cannot be reused. Anyone know where I can get just the pigtail and plug...
  12. hamishpotter

    For Sale  PLANTED seat adapters 80 series, will fit any aftermkt seat

    New, still sealed in box, Driver and Passenger front seat adapters. See link: Planted Seat Bracket- Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series [J80] (1990-1997) - Driver / Left When one set was backordered I Ebay'd another so I could get my Scheelmann seats in for a trip. Was on a trip and the shop put...
  13. hamishpotter

    Red 80 getting a tow in northside Williamsburg

    I saw this truck, often parked locally, getting towed by a construction crew. Had to get to the train but hope everything's ok..
  14. hamishpotter

    Tri-state drive line shop?

    Located in Brooklyn but would travel a bit for a place I can trust for shaft / diff work. Any suggestions welcome Thanks and happy holiday! J
  15. hamishpotter

    Local drive shaft balancing, work

    Hello All, I am having some rumblings that I suspect may be some drivshaft issues after CMCC. Can anyone recommend a good shop for balancing driveshafts in the tri-state? Thanks in advance, James
  16. hamishpotter

    Rain gutter and roof hardware touch up paint?

    Have used search and Beno is on vacatio . Does anyone have a link or resource for the (matte) black roof hardware paint? I say matte because mine seems pretty matte, but OEM may not be. Thanks in advance, and sorry if I've missed a previously covered thread. J
  17. hamishpotter

    40 Series Tech - technically..

    Could not resist posting this since I saw a link in a tech blog..
  18. hamishpotter

    Voltage meter that fits stock switch plate / location?

    Hey All, I've done some digging and so far only found scan gages and other, non stock switch location fitting voltage meters. Does anyone make a voltage meter that fits into stock dash switch locations?
  19. hamishpotter

    Group 31 Battery options revisited

    I've been looking through 'Mud and some other sites and don't seem to find current information on Group 31 AGM battery options. Sears no longer makes the 'Mud favorite Diehard Platinum AGM 31. They had a gold, but it's no longer shown online. I'm not as familiar with the other options...
  20. hamishpotter

    closest wheeling to NYC?

    I did a cursory search and found Rausch Creek and Mettowee, but those are 4+ hours from the City. Does anyone have any closer spots? Thanks in advance and sorry if I've missed any previously posted info. Happy Halloween! James
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