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  1. FirstToy

    Windshield washer diverter valve leak - can i repair?

    Mods please delete! Searched more and found relevant info- sorry ! Found the cause of my dribbling washers- all the fluid dumps out of the rectangular hole in what I assume is the diverter valve to the rear washer. If I silicone seal this hole, will it fix it or will it just lock up the...
  2. FirstToy

    WARNER BROS LOT H- WHITE 80, anyone here?

    White 80 series, looks like a 93-94. Stock with a 2.5" lift, no running boards Just curious, so rare to see them around
  3. FirstToy

    Calif legacy plates- jan 1 deadline

    Guys, if you're interested in retro plates, these are possible if they hit the target. I'm ordering the black plates. Think they are kinda cool. anyway, fun if you're interested spread the word:steer:
  4. FirstToy

    For Sale  Lexus RX Leather/pwr SEATS- tan-FR/RR

    seats are sold
  5. FirstToy

    hood vent cover/cap? where to buy?

    Looking for the aftermarket plastic cover/cap that covers the vents at the base of the windshield. I would think this is a jdm type of item. Kind of like vent shades but would go over the vents Any ideas on where to buy? I didn't find anything on ebay thanks all
  6. FirstToy

    E15 gas dangerous?

    The 80 is older, what say you to the E15 issue? New E15 Gasoline May Damage Vehicles and Cause Consumer Confusion AAA research reveals need for regulators and industry to suspend E15 sales to protect motorists ORLANDO, Fla., Nov. 30, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A recent survey by...
  7. FirstToy

    thermostat diameter?

    Is it 2.5" or 2.1"? Looking to get an aftermarket before I open it up. thanks
  8. FirstToy

    For Sale  Maggiolina Airlander Rooftent

  9. FirstToy

    How to remove SC pulley??

    I was going to get a SC puller tool but there doesn't seem to be enough clearance from the pulley bolt to the radiator. How have you guys removed the SC pulley? thanks
  10. FirstToy

    For Sale  FS or Trade: LX450 Audio/CD system

    LX450 audio/ CD Changer system -LX450 Head unit -6disc CD changer -CD cartridge -Bass -amp all stock Lexus parts taken out of my truck. They are made in Japan Pioneer for Toyota. HU had several of the button backlights go out intermittently but otherwise all functions are...
  11. FirstToy

    AUX Radiator - dual action cooling

    update: I've done away with this system. Although it is basically acting as a "outdoor" heater to shed heat, it's complex tubing worried me as far as reliability with all the connections. However the excellent radiator is in the perfect location for my WAIC. So I am re-routing the system to...
  12. FirstToy

    Real time help needed- stuck tensioner pulley

    Friend had a stuck tension pulley and is getting a new one delivered to install on the road. Anyone know how to change it? 2000 vintage 100 series non-vvti 4.7 V8 w/ SC
  13. FirstToy

    Fusebox(s) installation - Bluesea

    If someone were to ask what would be the best first modification, I will always say FUSEBOXES! Create your own stand-alone harness with way more wires than you think you will ever need- because you will fill them up! I didn't, so i'm going back and trying to clean up all the wiring. It was...
  14. FirstToy

    Size of transmission input/output hardlines?

    Does anyone know the size of the hardlines coming out of the transmission? 1/2", 5/8"? thanks
  15. FirstToy

    WAIC - Water/Air Intercooler for TRD SC

    Inverness and I have been working on WAIC systems for our TRD SC 80's. Rick (Inverness) has gotten further along with his about done. Also he has a great monitoring setup. I still have to install my sensors/gauges but will update when I do. Function: The purpose is to cool down the compressed...
  16. FirstToy

    where to tap into ignition power 12v?

    I want to wire up an aux 12v fan to turn on and off with the ignition. (so I don't have to mess with it). I believe it pulls about 6-7amps, possibly more at startup. I do not want it to work with A/C, pressure or switch. Suggestions? Thanks
  17. FirstToy

    AN hose fittings - what is this tiny hole on the fitting?

    See that tiny hole on one of the nuts? What is it and is there something you have to do to it? I noticed a leak (again!) and seems to be coming from these little holes. They are only on one nut per fitting and have no idea what they are for. there is something in there but maybe its not doing...
  18. FirstToy

    Supercharger install questions-vac hose routing

    Supercharger install questions - extending wires/vac hoses The vac hose diagram is a bit unclear on this- The 7/8th tubing that goes from the orange filter (under the intake manifold) ends up here (at the throttle body adapter). However, look at the size difference of the fitting and hose-...
  19. FirstToy

    spotted:Green built 80 -Raliegh stuidos parking lot-MB

    I've been seeing this 80 regularly on the top of the parking garage-- Manhattan Beach Raliegh Studios-- ARB bullbar, black wheels, lifted, 285s? AT's... looks nice. Anyone here? I'm jealous b/c mine is too tall to fit:o
  20. FirstToy

    Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to restore leather

    I know this must be old news to some but I just stumbled on this: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser at the grocery store. It's great! Especially noticeable on the steering wheel where it took all the slick, glossy look away and it's back to a like-new matte leather look. It cleaned out all the gunk...
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